J: Jolly Good Ales! (2d6 RTT)

Again we continue with a random table of names, this time names of ales. As stated previously, I like names that contain a bit of flavor in them. In my past I found that names with flavor added something to the game, but also aided the aspiring GM who finds himself stuck and in need of that certain something that gets his juices flowing. I have seen where a simple named object has spawned an entire adventure, darn near an entire campaign! With that in mind, I have included names of some (not so) famous ales and included a few details on each. Hope you find these useful.

2- Samheel Ale, a soft brown ale with a hefty aftertaste of nuttiness, only slightly bitter

3- Ouil Brouen, literally translated as “Older Brown” this ale has a strong bitter taste, commonly preferred by hard labourers who look for something strong tasting but also strong in effect after a long day of work

4- Bitter Bleu, a unique ale with a strong sour sweet flavor tinted with blueberries with gives it a recognizable blue color and fragrant odor

5- Margott’s Mineral Ale, fermented in cast iron barrels, this ale takes on a hearty mineral flavor, many claim it grows on you and has some positive health benefits

20110331-062954.jpg6- Kerrenary’s Koda, a mellow brew, said to have been made for the brewmaster’s wife who disliked the usual bitter or nutty flavor of most ales, has a slight fruit flavor reminiscent of apples

7- Double Dragon Blood, a thick and dark ale, known for it’s strong scent and taste, claimed to be made with a single drop of actual dragon blood

8- The Grey Squirrel, a strong nutty flavor sets this ale apart from others, the scent is strong enough to draw disappointed squirrels to the windows of the brewery

9- Tee’s Blend, this blend of multiple brews yields a soft and drinkable ale that tends to be a local favorite

10- Wethernaught’s Winter Brew, hearty brown ale mixed with goats milk creates a soft and mellow drink, the unique mix of bitterness and smooth, and the added ease of making this have made it popular among the farmers and smaller taverns of the countryside

11- Altorff’s Special Brew, usually only produced for special occasions such as a royal birth, slaying of a dragon, or whenever Altorff feels, this brew is not a true ale and has a very sweet, fruity flavor

12- Bettendorf’s Blight, a thick dark ale, some call it Bettendorf’s Black, the pungent smell is only matched by the powerful taste and the heavy alcohol content, a very popular drink among the Soldiers


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