N: Trying New things (Geomorph 14)


Eh gads! I almost went an entire week without a single geomorph! Gasp!

I was watching some tv shows I downloaded and for some reason the thought came to me for this geomorph, not really sure why. The image of a huge cavernous pit with a rickety rope and wood bridge to get across it just seemed right to me for some reason. Maybe it is my love for Indiana Jones.

As I approached this one I had to try out a few New things for my geomorph to work, the biggest being the pit. I had created a few previously but I always felt they were off a bit, something just didn’t sit well for me. In this one I think I did a better job, again not perfect, but when trying to stay rather mono-tone, your options are limited. I broke from that mono-tone color for the wooden planks on the bridge. The bridge was another New element I needed to tackle, I wanted it too look unstable and stand out against the rest of the geomorph, it is the centerpiece and needs to be the focus or draw.

I also included the obligatory rounded dungeon walls I have been told are more realistic. 🙂

With this geomorph I am going to start something New as well (I capitalized the N…see a pattern??). From this point forward I am going to include the geomorph in it’s original state: 900×900 image. This is the native size I create them in and then resize down to a size to match other geomorphs out there. I seriously dislike the tiny 300×300 we use online, I feel it is to small to really be super useful. Maybe it is my old eyeballs.

At some point, probably on a lazy post day, I will repost all previous geomorphs in their original 900×900 glory for those interested. So, here is geomorph 14 in all it’s full size glory.



This serves as another entry for the RPG Carnival hosted by Dysos Logos this month as well as an entry for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Join in the fun! I know you love maps too!


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