P: Underground Passages (Dungeonmorph Dice templates)

20110331-040943.jpg For today’s post I decided to toss up a few more of the templates I am offering up for the Dungeonmorph Dice project. The original goal was stomped and Joe has announced a Stretch Goal of $12k for a second set to be made. This set, if made, will be caverns.

So like any good geonmorph-mad dude would do, I immediately dove in and created a few templates, tests of concept really, but I have to say I really like these and hope to see them made one day.

For the first one I tackled I actually started with a pretty easy and bland design. I looked at it and thought “God, that sucks! Do better!” and so I began editing it so it was more interesting and provided GMs with more potential gaming areas. I ended up with a multi-level design with a small lair in the middle bottom. This secluded lair provides the resident with the opportunity or sneak attacks from above on the elevated area (with a cool arch).

With the first cavern under my belt successfully, I wanted to make something a little more open, mainly for my needed Old School Hack urges where different areas that are visually separated make it very easy to come up with arenas. Though looking above, I guess I did it there as well! So below, we have a large area, a pit that drops from the main level. Access to the pit is via either cliff jumping or a few stairs. Near the bottom of the geomorph we have two chambers connected via a large pool and an underground tunnel that will only be discovered through a little dip.

I am really happy with this second one and I am considering coverting it for my standard geomorph designs, will take a bit of work as I have been utilizing my ipad to make my standard geomorphs and these DmD templates have all be done using Fireworks on my laptop. We will see.

20110402-021322.jpgThis serves as another entry for the RPG Carnivalhosted by Dysos Logos this month as well as an entry  for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.



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