R: Retro Mapping – The Village of Bettendorf (bonus map!)

I feel bad about the short post earlier for “R: Retro” so I thought I should post more information on Retro. ūüėČ

I am starting up an line game utilizing MapTool and Skype this coming Thursday, traditionally my gaming night since before, well, ever. Joining me in this game are some old friends who have been trying to get together to game for some time now, so I am pretty excited. I apologize now for all the failed attempts at getting a game going, my military life tends to get crazy and impede the games as much as it game. I swear the military hates RPGs or something.

For this game I will be using Old School Hack, my current game system of choice. As some influence I am leaning slightly on a site that Bryan and Alex showed me called Waku.com. This anime stylized French comic/MMORPG/cartoon is rather spiffy, but at times it is a little overdone silliness. This silliness I feel will fit in¬†perfectly¬†with OSH’s sort of over the top Awesome Point system which really makes the PCs into heroes capable of doing some amazing things. Hopefully it works out. I am looking for an entertaining story, if it slides into a little silliness along the way, I am cool with it.

As I approach this game, I am going to present a short encounter with some¬†opportunity¬†for role-playing. An¬†ulterior¬†motive for me is to show that OSH can handle role-playing just as well as it handles everything else. The author mentioned once on the forum that he thought it failed when used to handle old fashioned dungeon crawls. In my experience, short as it is, I think he is wrong. I think it provides an easy way ¬†to handle situations that some games go overboard in rules-jargon.¬†So for my first adventure the PCs will begin as a group traveling to the Grimglorn Mountains, a range notorious for providing excellent adventuring¬†opportunities. First thing I needed was….you guessed it…a map!

For this game, I am aiming for a sort of light hearted fun, something like the old Saturday morning serials that George Lucas and Steve¬†Spielberg¬†have stated they are so fond of. Therefore, I wanted a not-so-serious hard core map for our adventures like the ones found in many modules and such today. Old school in thought and feel, but with modern sensibilities. (Wow, I need to trademark that statement!) I had seen a map in one of Christian’s Iridia zine and thought it would fit perfect. Old school cartoony goodness! I stole the name for the village from a passing comment someone made at lunch, do not even recall what it pertained to I just liked the sound of it.

Below is the map I came up with. Drawn on my iPad in about 30 minutes, loaded on laptop and then cleaned up slightly (not much really) and then text added in Fireworks (fonts on the iPad suck).

I expect the party to spend some time here, mostly I want them to make some NPC connections to the region as we set up for larger things down the road. So I am hoping to set this place up as a base of operations for a time. Our first two adventures will take place in the forests surrounding this little village. I have an idea to detail the town a bit and release it as a issue of Lapsus Calumni in the future…we will see.

Here is the intro text from the first part of the adventure:

PCs are traveling together, heading towards the Grimglorm Mountains and looking to find adventure and wealth. On the road ahead of them they spot a village named Bettendorf. A large plume of thick black smoke can be seen rising into the sky above the village!


This serves as another entry for the RPG Carnival hosted by Dysos Logos this month as well as an entry  for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Join in the fun! I know you love maps too!


4 thoughts on “R: Retro Mapping – The Village of Bettendorf (bonus map!)

  1. Thanks! Coming from you, that means quite a bit!

    I played around with it a little today on the ‘hatching map’ experiments. I will post another example of the new hatching, a few actually, later. Both those examples have some hand lettering. Call me a perfectionist, but I like the uniform and constant that a font provides. Not to mention I really do not have a desk in my room here and lettering on the iPad unsteady surface does not always work well.

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