Old School (Dyson) Hatching Experiment


Hey everyone, a bonus post here. As you know I have been using my iPad to do much of my mapping lately. It is convenient, easy, the style fits, and I can literally do it anywhere the inspiration strikes me. One thing that has continually confounded me is the so called “hatching” that the amazing Dyson Logos produces on his maps. I have attempted to fake this through various ways but have never been happy with the results. In a stroke of pure inner struggle I attempted the way he does…by hand **gasp!** and found I suck even at that method.

I guess he just has the gift.

Well, last night I began experimenting with it again. I am about to start a new (hopefully) campaign and I want to produce original old school style maps for use in it. I am leaning towards producing an issue of Lapsus Calumni based upon their adventures and the maps would be included in the PDF. I want a consistent style across them so it feels like a complete and solid package, I hate releasing crap. The above map is an experiment made using the latest hatching method. It is a custom brush saved in the app ArtStudio and I think it works fairly well, perhaps not perfect, but damn, I am able to produce all those hatchings in about 10 seconds!

Let me know what you think!


7 thoughts on “Old School (Dyson) Hatching Experiment

  1. They look nice, but why use hatches instead of developing your own type? When I did the map for The Gardener I just did some swirled branch-things, and it worked for me.

    I really like Dyson’s map technique, but lately it just seems that people believes that style to be the way to do maps “properly”. I would love to see more personalised maps!

    (This is not a rant against your current or previous maps, and I’m sorry if it sounds like that.)

    I like how you’ve made your walls thicker – it gives the map a distinct look (and it’s easier on the eyes!).

    1. It boggles me that people think of anything I do as doing it “properly”. At the same time, my ego is loving it.

      The in-fill on the Gardener map is great, and evocative of the map itself.

  2. That is true, I never thought about it before, but all of us trying to emulate his style have certainly made it the ‘de facto’ proper way to make hatching. I think initially we all tried to match it due to our designs being used in Dave’sMapper, so they would all match up and look like a cohesive whole.

    But I concede your point. I have a few ideas I have been playing with that I will work on a little harder. Especially if I want to produce these in a PDF to release, I would like them to look original, but old school enough so people recognize them for what they are. Thanks for the honest input!

  3. I would have loved to have been able to do hatching for my tiles, but I couldn’t make it work for me. Haven’t tried lately, but now I find that my own tiles have their own look which suits me just fine.

    Still love the hatching look, though. Dyson and Stonewerks produce the most attractive geomorphs that I know.

  4. I actually went back after Jensan’s comment and looked at the hatching. I was able to come up with my own look, sort of a combination of the ‘Dyson’ Hatch (look, I made it official! ;-)) and a more natural stones sort of look. While still keeping the old school feel, at least I think it works that way. I need to clean up the test map a little and I will post it.
    Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

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