R: He’s Gone Retro…Dungeon Delvers!

Last year I discovered Warrior, Rogue & Mage, the excellent game from Stargazer Games (Michael Wolf) and instantly fell in love. I am an easy fellow for anything rules-lite that also hits the OSR sweet spot. WR&M seemed to do just that.

Another thing it did quite well was get me back into creative mode and inspired me to start working on my own rules-lite retro game. This is still an early version and I am not sure I will continue working on this as I have found some other games that I think are far superior than my little project could ever be. Rather than waste time creating something, frankly, I would rather be playing. Either way, in the spirit of my previous series of half-completed works, I give you the current version of Dungeon Delvers!

Dungeon Delvers! v2


5 thoughts on “R: He’s Gone Retro…Dungeon Delvers!

    1. No! The system is not complete. When….IF…I ever finish it, we can talk then, but right now there is so much not done/completed, it would be a waste of time. Thank you though!

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