S: Sneaking Suspicions

Warning up front, non-gaming related. ūüėČ

I posted months ago before I left for Iraq that I had built some bird houses in hopes that the birds would find the yummy bugs that haunt my yard in droves. I am happy to inform you that the plan seems to be working. My wife has informed me of birds moving in and setting up residence in at least two of the three homes. Gnomes have been put on alert for the third, but rumors are strong it has been occupied. Whether the little feathered friends live up to their part of the bargain is yet to be determined, however, hopes are high that they will provide some level of protection against the nasty critters that patrol the air in search of bare flesh to assault.

That said, some sad news, and the reason for the title of this post. I should note at this point that right after we built these houses, we also added to our family. We rescued two kittens. I think you can see where this is going. I have a sneaky suspicion that something is afoot.

A recent report from the front line has informed me of a casualty. It was discovered a few days ago, wings wide, feathers tossed about, laying about twenty feet from our house. The autopsy report stated there were clear signs of the body being mangled, as if someone had tossed the body around, perhaps in joyful play, like a madman had lost himself in absolute pleasure. It is all rather disturbing.

Authorities at Jackson Detective Agency has reported they are on the lookout for the possible culprit. The stands about ten inches tall, has a mixed¬†complexion being of white and black, and has a sly look in his eyes, as if always planning something. Rumors tell of his wily ways that are completely exhausting, resulting in him spontaneous collapsing…usually near or on top of an object someone else is using. Annoying really.¬†At this time, authorities are aware of just the one murder, but with the recent increase in aviary population, and the uncontrollable urges this must create in the culprit, they are sure there will be more.

All this has me a little concerned. I¬†lured the birds here for their assistance, and now they become play things for my wife’s new best buddy (I mean look at that fat thing!)


One thought on “S: Sneaking Suspicions

  1. Cats and birds don’t mix. We have birds, indoors and out, and I chase away feral cats whenever I see them on our property, especially as the wrens nest down low. We know lots of bird lovers online and are always amazed at those who have both birds and cats. Tragic stories are inevitable in those households.

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