T: Tavern Names? We got them! (2d6 RTT)

For today’s post I decided I would throw out a few tavern names for GMs stuck at a moments notice and in need of a name, preferably ones that were interesting and would provide inspiration for him. For inspiration myself, I looked to names of pubs in the United Kingdom, home to some of the coolest names of pubs.

To randomly determine a cool tavern name, simply grab a pair of those old trusty d6s and roll away!

2- The Bear & Badger
3- Three Cups of Bronze
4- The Wilted Heart
5- The Battle of Boscobel
6- My Lost Heart
7- The Rose and Crown
8- The Halfling’s Harlot (if used in Sylnae would be “Hobbin’s Harlot”)
9- The Stag’s Glenn
10- The Kentish House
11- Midwife’s Folly
12- Bloodfall Banter

You might recognize a few of the names from a recent map I posted. With any luck, my players will see some time spent at the tavern on the first floor. I have a hankering to flesh out a few of these, perhaps down the road, eh?


2 thoughts on “T: Tavern Names? We got them! (2d6 RTT)

  1. Thanks for stopping by, I am hoping to do many more of these little tables in the future, and then fleshing out a few of the locations one them.

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