U: An Unequivocal Apology…to Apple

If you are a reader of my blog you have no doubt noticed that I use an Apple iPad almost exclusively for everyday internet functions. Those of you that have been around a little more than a year might remember a post I made when the iPad first came about. I am here, freely and of my own will admitting here and now that I was wrong…way wrong.

At first glance it is nothing extraordinary, the stats really are not that much better than the iPhone, but that is where it ends. The awesomeness is in the Apps created for the iPad and in the creativity of the programmers making those Apps. Since the release of the iPad the Apps available for it have continually improved, in some cases almost mirroring those made for the desktop. It has become my main tool for creative release and nearly everything released on this blog in the last five months have been in part, or most often, completely created on my iPad. So I will say it right here and now:

Apple, I apologize for doubting your ability to make a revolutionary product usable and accessible to the masses, this thing kicks ass.

It is all my wife’s fault. I had mentioned, sort of jokingly, that if I had an iPad, my oldest daughter could have my iPhone while I was deployed. Figured I wouldn’t use my iPhone here in Iraq, so instead of it sitting there, someone would get some use out of it. Well, wife surprised me with an iPad the day before I left. Darn her. (I love you honey!)

My favorite Apps that I use to create the goodies I post here are the Apple created Pages. This word processing App kicks ass, and while it might not be as powerful all around tool against something like Microsoft’s Word, in some ways it is even better! I use it to produce the zine Lapsus Calumni and in my own experiments I have been able to produce the exact same file in Word and Pages with ease, but the file size of the Word PDF is nearly four times the size of the Pages created PDF. Explain that to me!

My other favorite App is one called ArtStudio. I have spoke about this App before, so I will keep it short. This thing rocks. I have been able to create some pretty darn awesome things on the iPad using this App, which has become my old stand by for everything. Need a quick mock up for the DungeonMorph Dice Project? Done. Need a quick map to show the layout for one of my RPG sessions? Done. Need a Geomorph? Done. Need to copy another one of Christian’s awesome maps? Done.

I have a kick ass Toshiba laptop that is about 3 years old now. It works perfect and I do not need to upgrade, but when it comes time to upgrade, I will be honest with you, I might just upgrade my iPad instead. I figure we will be at iPad 4 or 5 then and if it is this good now, I cannot imagine how awesome it will be then.


(( On a funny side note, this post was made on my laptop…the first one using my laptop in four or five months, solely because I wanted to blog and at that moment I happened to be updating my iPad iOS. Go figure. ))

3 thoughts on “U: An Unequivocal Apology…to Apple

  1. I remember you talking shit about the iPad back when it was first publicized. It’s hilarious.

    I’m doing a cover for an RPG book that will be released in a month or so, and I’ve just sent off concept sketches. I used Procreate for iPad. It works like a dream. I’m considering using the iPad for the whole project, or at least the pre-inked final drawing. Can’t wait to try it for some cartography.

    And it’s all about the apps.

  2. Yes, I am. Brennen is right, it is all in the Apps, alone, the iPad is really not so amazing (minus the fact that I grew up in the 70s and never in my life thought I could carry around nearly a full computer in this form factor!) but the Apps that developers are making is really what is setting it apart and making it a device to have.
    I can truly see the laptop fading away and a tablet becoming the norm, or at least a laptop with a removable screen that then becomes a tablet.

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