Oh no…more Geomorphs!

20110331-040943.jpg Joe sent out an email for a few more geomorphs for the project, this time needing a few ambushes style geomorphs to help round out a few last dice. It looks like the crew is really pushing out some great maps for use in this project.

As it stands as I write this, we are just a few hundred dollars short of the second ‘stretch’ goal for the project that was set at $12k. I have to admit, I never, ever thought this would become a reality and we would get the original goal. So if you have not done so yet, click the image above and head on over there and help us push through to the goal. You know you would be the envy of all your friends when you show up with some swell Dungeonmorph Dice!

Below I have attached a few more of my submitted designs, this time some ambush sites. Can never have enough spots for Tucker’s Kobolds to hide in. ūüėČ Remember these are just submitted designs with no¬†guarantee¬†they will make it in this or any form onto the dice.

First up are some twisting passages with leading to a room with hidden traps doors in the floor: attack from above or drop those players into the waiting grasp of some ogres! Another room  has a secret door leading to a escape tunnel.

Next up is another map with a potential ambush site using trapdoors that drop into a large room below. A few additional concealed pits add to the fun. Nothing like a 10 foot drop into poison-tipped spikes to ruin your morning.

The floor trapdoors seemed to be problematic so I reworked the second design a little with a single large pit trap in the floor. Perhaps it only drops the party when 450 pounds step on it.

Then I thought it might be sort of silly to climb a set of stairs only to fall down a pit trap right to the exact dungeon level you just climbed up from, so I redid it again…I guess this is what happens when you are supposed to be sleeping and instead are still up designing geomorph.

20110402-021322.jpgThis serves as another entry for the RPG Carnivalhosted by Dysos Logos this month.


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