V: Visitors to the Site

A little late in the month to mention this, but hey coming up with stuff for the letter V is somewhat difficult. πŸ˜‰

The month of March the blog here reached a milestone with the most visitors to the site ever. Surpassing the month of October which has 2,027 visitors, March came in with 2,069 visitors to the site. My biggest day was still Monday, June 8, 2009 which had 207 visitors alone. It is going to be hard to surpass that, getting close though, this last month we had a few days with over 150 visitors. I wish WordPress had or allowed me to use something along the lines of the Google Friend Connect widget that many other blogs had so I could track a little easier how many people visit, but for now, I must simply use the WordPress stats. I guess I shouldn’t sweat it, if people like the blog they will come visit, if not, eh, oh well. That’s the good thing with this being a hobby.

That said, this month we surpassed March by hundreds of visitors and we are still not done yet! Right now we are sitting atΒ 28,551.

It gets a little weird when you pull up all-time stats by page. Damn Dora! Bryan should never have done Risus stats for her and her buddies! Maybe we should do a series of popular cartoon characters stated out for Risus? Barney or Phineas anyone?

That said, this month is going along swimmingly (always wondered where they got that term, but I like it) with many more regular daily visitors than I have had in the past. This could due to many various reasons: my participation in the Dungeonmorph Dice Project, the RPG Carnival, or the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Either way, welcome to everyone who stops by!


9 thoughts on “V: Visitors to the Site

  1. Funny that you should have trouble with “V”, because I’m swamped with potential topics (and, as always, I must wait until the kiddies get to bed before writing it).

    Let’s see: Vance, Vancian magic, Vancian Spell Generator, Vampires, Vampire: The masquerade, Velvet Edge (my original modern fantasy campaign), Village Tiles, Vertical Tile (i.e. side-view tiles), and Voodoo. I’m leaning towards Voodoo, but it depends on how the rest of the day goes. πŸ™‚

    And congrats on the increased visitor counts. I had a big February, so it’s going to come down to the wire as to whether or not March beats it. But my Follower gain this month is staggering.

    The A to Z challenge has been a pretty cool experiment.

    But oh my, I’m ready to be done with it. πŸ™‚

  2. See, I never called it “Vancian magic” that sounds like some bad Martian disease. We always just called it magic.

    I think I fret too much about visitors, I think I should just not care, but I find myself looking at it, wondering if that latest thing I did was popular or not. I have had a big increase form my usual visitor load, but really, does it matter? Not one iota.

    Me too, I have enjoyed the Challenge, but it is hard to keep up this pace and not fill it with BS posts. A friend of mine joked about doing the Greek Alphabet Challenge next month, I guess it only has 10 or so letters in it, much better!

  3. Martian disease…. rofl.

    You have a very different model of visitation than me. I tend to get big influxes rather than the consistency over time that you have. And I get a lot of traffic just from google image search I think.

    My most viewed post in the past month was my April fools joke, at 1771 views, but people looking for images for the movie Tangled viewed my post on that movie a whopping 1357. Near zero content in the Tangled post, but I combined two graphics into a single new one, thus making a unique image that scored high in the google image search algorithm. Next behind Tangled is my post on blueberries. Lots of people looking for blueberry images I guess. Such a wierd thing to get so much traffic from that. My post on using Charlie Sheen points as a house rule also got a ton of traffic.

    Google, you crazy bitch. I love you πŸ˜‰

  4. Just thought I would update this, last night we surpassed 3,ooo visitors in a single month. That is a huge increase in readers!

    @Nutshell, I use the plain old WordPress statistics.

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