W: Wartburg Fell (Places)

The stately wilderness fort of Wartburg in it’s prime, hundreds of years ago

Deep in the Forbidden Forest, high atop a hill, a once mighty and proud wilderness fort stood, watching over the inhabitants of the forested valley below. Scattered throughout this wooded terrain were farms and homesteads who looked upwards every day and knew they were protected by brave, honest and valiant lords.

Today it is a different story however. When Wartburg fell to dark forces, a dark curse settled upon the land. Strange creatures marched the woods, foul being stole in the night, loved ones faded to memory after disappearing in mid-day. Eventually the people left and the farms and homesteads settled into abandonment and mother nature reclaimed her lost land, though now she was twisted by the dark forces emanating from Wartburg. Nearly twenty decades have passed since Watburg has heard mankind’s footfalls echo through it’s ruins.

What horrors lie in the forest surrounding the ruins? What manner of vile evils haunt the halls? No one knows for sure, as not a brave soul has ventured to explore since Wartburg Fell.

(( sorry for the short post today, job and a few commercial projects came up and demanded my attention. I had been hoping to map this, but real life has attacked me with her time-stealing powers again!))


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