Regional Map Test

I was wandering about the net as I tend to do and I came across and intriguing idea, using Google Maps to generate a great looking map with ease. Being who I am, I had to have a go at it, but with my latest realization that I copy everyone, I wanted to go my own route with it.

With experimentation thrown in, the map above took about two and a half hours to create, probably a third of that was spent trying to come up with cool sounding names, something I think feel I failed at doing. I started with a zoomed in portion of the world, honestly I forget what part of the world I started with, I think somewhere on the eastern coast of Canada (there you go Alex, see? I don’t hate my northern neighbors!)  but  I could be wrong. After that, it was a series of filters and overlays to get the sort of worn out look I wanted. The symbols and names I absolutely hate and would redo these if I was planning on doing anything with this map besides post it to the blog.


3 thoughts on “Regional Map Test

  1. I’ve been doing this with New Zealand for a while. It’s the perfect country for this sort of thing – high quality *interesting* terrain in Google Maps/Earth, and limited signs of modern settlement (in most of the south island).

  2. Yeah, I like this look for a map, but I think I still prefer the one I did that was a ‘copy’ of a map Christian had on his site (I posted about it in March). That had a character of it’s own that a photorealistic map just fails to exhibit to me. I am toying with working up a campaign map in this style for my OSH game we just started, we will see!

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