X: Xtra Special Zaniness (OSH news)

Those of you who stop by here regularly probably know of my love of the game named Old School Hack. I have been lucky enough to have a few friends who will join me on whatever silly adventures I want to run. And as luck would have it for me, they are willing to suffer through my many different and wandering ideas.

This time I am taking a pretty laid back approach to the game. In addition a few of us have fallen in love with a MMORPG called Wakfu and Dofus and all the artwork that goes along with it. All of this is influencing me to some extent as I think about the themes in the game and the over-arching storyline.

The maps I am designing for this game are pretty old school in feel and to some degree have a sort of ‘cartoony’ feel to them, least I think so. I am aiming for a clean, easy to read (and use), easy to print, and still retain or give me a certain feeling. Call it hearkening back to the previous age of gaming. You should start seeing more of these maps on the site.

In addition, the characters I am creating for the players to interact with are, how do I say this….odd. I am using some artwork from the Wakfu and Dofus world to populate it and cast the feeling in the correct vein. Weird? Yeppers. For example, this guy to the right, perfect for the look and feel I am going for. I still want the game to be somewhat serious and epic in story, but have a certain lite-hearted or cartoony feel. Something along the lines of a Saturday morning cartoon (Justice League or Batman) but with a long, over-arching storyline.

One of the players, Bryan, has posted some details about our game and his character here. He has selected an image from the game to represent his character, and as you can see he and Alex were the inspiration behind me getting all Dofus and Wakfu on the game.

Here are some images from the game that I feel are interesting and in the right vein of what I am aiming for:

A scene form a village (the detail is really amazing).

Entrance to a temple or some such structure.

A fair, those tents are very neat, especially knowing they were made in Flash.

The docks.

I am planning on introducing some non-traditional fantasy sort of things. For example, in the first session, the players encountered a priest, seemingly the religious leader in the town. As they spoke with him. another villager entered the room. He was a lizard carrying a flintlock pistol.

With OSH, the difference in weapon or race can be broken down to minimalist details very easily, so mechanic -wise the fact he is a lizard means almost nothing to me as a GM. I can easily insert some talent and make him unique:

Color of the World – (Constant) Can change his skin to mirror his surroundings, making him difficult to see or strike, providing a -2 to all melee encounters/-4 to any ranged attacks

The different kinds of weapons really present no problems either. That flintlock(!) in many other games that would cause some issues, here I can cover it’s use very simply. Flintlocks used to be used as a one shot weapon but then their handles were re-enforced and could be used as a striking weapon. Therefore I would allow it to be used as a Light weapon for close combat, but then for an attack where they fired the weapon it becomes a Ranged weapon. I would impose a either a one round reload time, or I could get creative and say reloading was a Focused action and it would fire as a Focused event (or the player could select to hold his attack and be ready to fire the following round in the regular Shoot phase). Easy, done.

I am hoping to toss in some weirdness via some Lovecraftian elements into the game as well, though not in an absolute horror sort of way. More spooky and supernatural. I do not see any real issues with getting a strange and weird fantasy game that ventures into new areas (least for me) with some different ideas and types of adventures and characters.

We will see.


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