Z: Zorgath’s Lair (final map of the month)

Zorgath has been a thorn in the local’s side for nearly a decade. No one knows exactly why he moved into the area, of even how he came to be here. Selecting a large cave, he built himself a nice home. There was one problem of course, Zorgath likes hobbits!

Yummy hobbits roasted slowly over a large bonfire.

Needless to say, they are looking for a few good adventurers to help them with their problem.

Map Key:
Concealed Entrance – The entrance is hidden carefully behind a large growth of trees and bushes. From a distance it is nearly impossible to spot, up close it will require a successful check to notice the cave entrance behind the leafy camouflage.

Trapped Gelatinous Cube – When Zorgath initially began clearly the cave to make his humble home, he stumbled upon the greenish cube. It nearly overtook him in the battle until he was able to trick it’s simple mind and trap it beneath a set of stairs. Now the G’Cube, affectionately named ‘Pudgy’ by Zorgath, is stuck at the dead end of a passage, unable to mount the stairs and extract it’s revenge on Zorgath. Whatever lies beyond the cube is a mystery now as even Zorgathhas forgotten…and he does not dare cross paths with the angry cube again.

Watering Hole – Zorgath uses this to drink and as a source of food when he feels to lazy to venture out for a yummy hobbit. Scattered along the pool bottom is 10d12 gold pieces, 1d12 50gp gems and one magic dagger. If Zorgath was so inclined, he could bath in the pool, but that would me he would be clean! Yuck!

Treasure room – As the adventurers approach this room they will be overwhelmed by the ferociously terrible smell emanating from the area. Zorgath cannot stand the smell of hobbits and he forces the few that he has not eaten yet to live in squalor so he doesn’t have to smell their natural odor. At any one time there will be 1d4 hobbits hooked to large chains (almost too heavy for them to lift). The hobbits are miserable and have almost no strength. Even when freed, they will struggle to make it to the cave exit.

Zorgath’s Pooping Pit – While Zorgath is a reprehensible creature, he does understand a few hygiene ideals. He performs all his daily releases here and the place shows it. The smell emanating from this deep pit is enough to knock a normal person out and anyone brave enough to venture downward should be aptly rewarded with magic and wealth beyond reproach.

Zorgath’s Lair – Here Zorgath will be found, snoozing the day away, his loud shores will be heard well before the adventurers get near the chamber. As they approach, they will strike a trap which drops a large bag o’ stolen silver utensils from high above. The bag will land with a loud crash and immediately wake the beast within. Zorgath is a large and powerful, bloated swamp troll, and he will not be happy that his slumber has been disturbed.


This serves as another entry for the RPG Carnival hosted by Dysos Logos this month as well as an entry for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Join in the fun! I know you love maps too!


9 thoughts on “Z: Zorgath’s Lair (final map of the month)

  1. Great stuff!

    I love the light-hearted feel of it. I swear it belongs not on a full-sized piece of paper, but on a sticky note.

  2. PS: it flip-flops from Zargoth to Zorgath, depending if you read the text or the map. I did this too with the Tomb of Durahn Oakenshield, who is occasionally transposed throughout as Daruhn Oakenshield.

  3. Thanks for all the comments, been out on the road here in Iraq for the last five or so days and not been able to get to a computer. @Dyson, thanks, I think I fixed all the typos, I guess that is what I get for typing this up on my iPad!

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