The Magic Thief

Continuing a post I made a few days ago regarding stories available as samples from Amazon for the kindle app, I have opted not to purchased the previously mentioned book, Adventurers Wanted, Book One: Slothbog’s Gold. It just did not feel right to me. The more I thought about the discussion at the end of the chapter (mentioned in my post), I realized that this author would probably bother the heck out of me, so I decided to try another sample and see how that goes.

After browsing the site for a bit, I settled on a book called The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas. A few of the reviews compared this to Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl but seemed to insinuate that this book was aimed at an audience a little younger. I dug around a little bit and discovered that the first chapter of the book was originally written when a call went out from a magazine for young adult for fantasy stories aimed at young people.

The story starts out rather nicely and jumps right in. Within a few pages we meet the main characters and are introduced to some details of the city and other potential characters in the story. We also learn a little about the world, the crime elements in the city and that the lead, Conn, is quite resourceful and has a history with a major criminal element in the city. It does a good job conveying the nervousness of the main character as he is thrust into an adventure while introducing a few characters and elements that will, I am sure, come up in later passages.

I am pretty happy with this sample chapter, so I purchased the book. I will try to get some to read here this next week and will update the blog with my thoughts on the book.


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