The Stag’s Glenn (Places)

A few of you might recall a map I posted a week or so ago about a small village named Bettendorf, I mentioned I was using this in an online game I am running at the moment using Old School Hack and MapTool. I should also point out that this tavern/inn was part of the 2d6 RTT posted here.

The players headed to a small tavern/inn called “The Stag’s Glenn” and we ended up stopping there for the evening. Yes, glen is spelled wrong, that is part of the joke. This week, we pick up right there and the players will meet more of the (hopefully) interesting persons in this village. Here I present, the Stag’s Glenn:

This older building stands on the edge of the village surrounded by much younger and more alive looking buildings. Looking upon this two story wood-framed building, one can almost see an exasperated and old man, as if the best years of his life have passed him and he knows it. A simple, faded green door with a roughly painted stag’s head serves as the entrance. Inside a warm and cozy glow of light can be seen.

One enters a room much like any other tavern or pub they have entered, with one major difference: the stag named Bob. Across from the main door of the tavern lies a large pen with a set of doors leading outside to the pastures behind the building. This is where Bob spends his days, warm and cozy inside the building, snacking on whatever foods people hand him from their tables and occasional oats that his owner, Glenn, puts out for him. Bob is a massive, but old stag. Bob’s rack is huge, but broken here and there, as if he fits the building and its ‘has been’ atmosphere. Everyone loves Bob and enjoys talking to him (which he scarily seems to understand and sometimes even answer back!), sharing food, and telling wild stories of Bob’s younger years.

Glenn is a stout fellow just taller than most dwarves. His reddish beard dangles almost to his navel, his bald head shines with a glare from the torches about the room, and a stubby cigar is usually hanging from his lips. He typically is in need of a bath to clean up from a day’s hard labor out in the fields but the locals do not seem to mind. Behind the bar is a large blunderbuss of over five feet in length, a massive weapon he is said to have used in wars past. He is friendly, his prices fair, and cooking is among the best in the region. He does not tolerate magic or fighting and usually the patrons of the Stag will toss out anyone silly enough to start a rabble in the place.

Sketched out on my iPad in about 30 minutes, added text and the stag image (stolen from some free clip art site via Google) in Fireworks. Total time, maybe 40 minutes.


4 thoughts on “The Stag’s Glenn (Places)

    1. LOL I thought it would present an interesting image with this big old thing hanging out inside the building. I plan on playing it off big with everyone acting like Bob is the owner of the place, maybe the players will offend Bob or something. We will see, the player entered the Glenn right at the end of our session last time, so this week they will come face to face with Bob.

  1. Now that is one very Imaginative location, consider the idea taken, as I want to use that concept in a game (Way too much fun can be had with this) Keep up the great work Matt…!!!!!!

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