X-plorers! My map to be featured in upcoming printing!

I recently saw an email on a Yahoo Group for a call for artwork or maps for a game called X-Plorers, or X-P as some loving fans call it. I had heard of the game years before and literally had joined the group on a whim, then totally forgot about it. I had spoken to the publisher weeks before when I realized he had moved to my hometown (this weird little world we live in), so I figured what the heck. I thought about it for about ten, maybe twelve minutes and decided I wanted to do a map in the style of a blueprint, something a space-faring adventurer might find in a space station or on an engineer’s desk.

John, the guy behind Brave Halfling Publishing, loved the early versions of the map I sent him and so I quickly completed the map, probably in record time even for me. All in all, over the course of two days, I made the map above in about 8 hours. Just yesterday, John contacted me to let me know that the map will be featured in the official X-P books! As you might imagine, with this being my first ‘commissioned’ piece going into a published work, I am a little excited to say the least.

I have been given permission form John to release this first map in it’s full color here for everyone to see. Posted here is a greatly reduced image, click it for a larger version. As big as this one is, the original version is over 3 times the size of this image, done at 300 dpi so it is exceptionally high quality, but wow is it a big file. When we get closer to X-Plorers being released I will upload the original monstrosity for everyone to download and enjoy.

The map is the first in a series I will be doing for him and releasing as a sort of unofficial count down to the release of the boxed set. Yeah, you did not misread that! A Boxed Set! So if you are looking for some Old School Science Fiction fun, check out the map and keep an eye out for the official opening of sales for the boxed set of X-Plorers!


13 thoughts on “X-plorers! My map to be featured in upcoming printing!

  1. Graivtaional Rotation?

    Does the whole rear section rotate or just the sleep pods, or both?

    Because if it’s the whole rear section, the conference room and sleep pod one will still have no/little gravity.

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed making this map and hope to make a few more.

    It actually resides as part of a inter-dimensionally folded plane of existence that occurs when one transponds the trimaxitory gigaflopperton engine and produces a gravitational influx of proton-induced neural-gravitors. This massive amount of energy recoils upon the transditionital pheromonim-quarks and allows the engineers (co-located in the Environmental Convector Corridor) to maximize gravitational force within the ship and produce micro-gravitational forces where they are needed.
    Bottom line: RPG does not equal NASA.

  3. @Jensan
    Do not forget that UCN regulations requires one person on the bridge at all times, thus making the needed seats at the conference room only eight. Besides, none of us like Jones anyway, he picks his nose. Let him stay on the bridge.

    1. Thanks! However….not done on the iPad, initial design was done on the iPad, then imported into Fireworks. Most of the work was done there.
      Thanks though!

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