Fuzzy Nation!


Probably around two and a half decades ago I discovered a book in my library that I fell in love with. Titled Little Fuzzy, the book was an amazing adventure about an unlikely hero who ends up trying to save a race he discovers on a planet from a megacorp that is hellbent on ensuring no one realizes these creatures are sentient, if they do, they stand to lose a bagillion dollars. The book has remained one of my favorites of all time and was one of the first ones I downloaded for my Kindle app on my iPad. The original book spawned a few sequels that were nearly as good as the original and expand the storyline. Today the original book is in the public domain, so there is no excuse! This is a great read and an interesting, intelligent look at what human & alien relations might be like when we finally meet them.

Download it here:

Now, a new author has taken up the mantle and has re-imagined the book. Normally I hate this sort of thing, reboots will be the death of Hollywood, but I just read the first four chapters and thought they were superb! The section where Little Fuzzy and Carl met is brilliant and humorous, if this is any indication of the writer’s ability I know I will enjoy this book. The first four chapters are up lone for free for everyone to read. I will certainly be purchasing this book as soon as it is available next week.

Chapters One & Two:

Chapters Three & Four:

A review of the book (along with some commentary about the original book) from GeekDad:

If you are interested, the Kindle eBook edition of the new book (which I just pre-ordered) is here:

Happy reading!


One thought on “Fuzzy Nation!

  1. A friend of mine read that book back in the day. I love the premise of the story.For similar reasons I was interested in Blue Planet. I wanted to play an environmental activist who fought – literally – for the wildlife on the planet.

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