Sidemorph #1 (Vertical Morphs)


As stated on Risusmonkey’s, Stonewerks’s, and now Dyson’s site, a few weeks ago, Jeff threw down the gauntlet with a challenge to us morphers: He wanted to see side ways geomorphs in the same basic style we had all been doing the top down viewed ones.

I guess we have all been pretty busy with the A to Z Blogging Challenge and the RPG Carnival, or perhaps our biological clocks are all on the same frequency. I started messing around with the side ways geos a few days ago but never really went to far, then BLAM! RisusMonkey goes and posts his take on it. Today Dyson goes and posts his version (along with some discussions of being Jeff’s slave monkey! LOL).

So what do I do? Well, go finish mine as well! Above is the 300×300 version, I stated before I really dislike this size, and so below is the 900×900 sized version that allows you to see all the gory, scary bits in the dungeon.


Oh, and for the record, I love monkeys….


12 thoughts on “Sidemorph #1 (Vertical Morphs)

      1. Use the stats from a Giant Gecko Lizard, but with the special ability of “Grosser than all fucking hell” which requires a saving throw vs petrification to avoid standing still for one round with the heebie jeebies.

  1. Yeah, that ‘spider’ was morphed too. 😉

    I think I need to use larger lines and make them more presentable when shrunk down to 300×300.

    And yeah, sure, you know you are way, way better than I, hell, you started this crazy thing! I bow before you, my master.

    1. I draw mine at 1:1 – so each geomorph is 2.5 inches on a side when I draw them, so I can’t cram in quite as much detail as you do.

      However, Stonewerks manages nearly as much detail as you do, and also seems to produce his maps at scale. He also uses thicker lines which is a bonus as it makes them more readable than mine.

      1. I may have to play around with this a little. I have to say, I like the 900×900 way better due the fact I can put in those details.

  2. Very nice!

    I didn’t see an earwig, rather a spider with a huge grotesque human-like head. Like this dude:

    Also, that pit with the water and the tentacles or worms or Grodd-knows-what is giving me the jibblies.

  3. DUDE…!!!!! Seriously that is a Awe-Inspiring Geomorph. Totally digging the teeth-like spikes in the pit, with the convenient rope to swing across with. Are those tenticles at the bottom of the water trap? Is the fill done by hand? I hope not as it looks very labor intensive, but it does look good. Awesome job…..really!!!!

    As a side note: I do mine on a 1:1 scale as well, scan them in at 600 dpi, once their cleaned up, I have a blank square template that I free-transform (Photoshop) the tile into. The template is 3.54 inches to the side and 150 dpi. Those are the .jpgs that I post, then each set is followed with a full page PDF with each tile the same size as the original drawing.

    1. Yeah, I really like the trappings and details I seem to be able to do on this side view, seems more natural and comfortable than the bird’s eye angle to me. I loved the tentacles too, thought they just added the right bit of “ew! gross!” to the map. Thanks for the kind words!

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