Sidemorph #2 (Vertical Geomorphs)


Yep, I gots me the bug. These are damn fun to make. As before, the 300×300 version which I hate, is to the left for your perusal. I think this one looks a little better at this resolution than the last one I made.

I am really liking the added artistic ability I can mess around with on these vertical geomorphs more than the bird’s eye view ones I had been doing. This side view style still has it’s limitations but I feel this style is way more fun to draw. After doing some more of these I may take a stab at something else, this has really gotten me thinking about mapping and ways to improve it, or at least make it more interesting.

For this one I wanted to try out a little less thick background dirt, so I present two versions of the 900×900 version. One with just the needed dirt and rocks:


The second version, and one I am liking a bit less as I look upon the one above has a much thicker dirt and rock filler.



7 thoughts on “Sidemorph #2 (Vertical Geomorphs)

  1. Ooo, columns! And are those carrots floating in the air? 😉

    Love it! I’ve gotta work on my hash-fu because you, Dyson, and Stonewerks are really showing me up on these.

  2. LOL They do look like carrots! Damn it!

    You know, I was planning doing some mushrooms for my kobolds to eat, but carrots sound oh-so-unique and non-traditional I might just have to do go that direction!

  3. I am considering taking a stab at an iso map, but not sure I want to, that is a considerably more complex map than these. These are fun. That sounds like hard work.

    And I am a rather lazy bastard.

  4. Very sweet…..I like your version of the doors better than the ones I’ve been doing. Just looks right, and it fits the vertical style better. I agree with the fact that these are fun to draw, just seems so natural to add all the little details……it sort of turns each room/area into a visual story. Keep up the great work!!!

    Iso-morphs you bastards are so friggen evil……Thinking……evil bastards……thinking some more……I hate you all (not really..:) ….but you are EVIL!!!

  5. LOL As I drew this map I had the thought of Iso-Morphs, just seemed like the next natural thing, be able to show the full three dimensions, but wow, the complexity of getting everything to line up and be right depthwise is rather daunting and sounds completely Not-Fun.

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