Swiftplummet Drop (Places)

Not a day’s ride south of Bettendorf within the Forbidden Forest, an adventurous soul will find a thundering waterfall affectingly known to the locals as Swiftplummet Drop. The raging water plunges over the edge of a sharp cliff and disappears into a mist shrouded pond with a deafening roar. Masked by the mist, a small island rests in the pond. Standing like silent guards, three ten foot solid stone columns rise from the bare dirt of the island. A closer examination will reveal strange and unknown marking dugs, nay, clawed into the surface of the columns.

A calm river flows westward from the pond, a path of fording stones permits dry passage across the narrow river. To the north of this stream lies the remains of some now long forgotten structure. As to the rest for this building, who built it and why, no one alive remembers. Today, the place has a peculiar smell to it, and the droppings of some small creature can be seen scattered here and there, as if something was using the ruins as a nice dumping ground.

Just south of the pond lies a small rough-hewn staircase carved from the sheer cliff face and allows passage to the top of the cliff without a daring climb up the sharp and dangerous rocks. The stairs led to a small landing, which then rises via another staircase to mount the cliff wall. This higher ground would be the perfect place for an enemy to place some archers…

Plenty of wide open space, with a few variations to provide some tactical advantages, as well as easy arena creation for Old School Hack.

Oh, and the kobold poop?

Just don’t step in it, the smell is nearly impossible to wash out.


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