Sidemorph#3 (Vertical Geomorphs)


Yep, I will say it right here and now. I most assuredly have the bug. I just love these damn side view geomorphs!

I think on this one I have finally gotten the style down to where I like it, with the hatching working just the way I like. Plus, I put a decent looking spider…nay, not one, but two! Added a chain, I mean really, how have we not had a chain yet? It is a dungeon for goodness sake! My ladders, I love them. A little pool with the remains of some poor adventurers that failed to make it safely through the depths and a hidden altar with a nice, large shiny!

I really like these. Did I mention that?

Seriously I think I should see someone.

Another experiment with the side view geomorphs. I have settled on my liking of the little-more-open style with not so much junk around the cavern, I think it feels more natural and not so complex. Which is right up my alley for gaming maps. As usual, we have the crappy 300×300 geo above and below the 900×900 image, my preferred size.



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