After deploying a few years ago I sort of lost track of TV shows that I watched and all the hoopla that goes along with them. The stars, upcoming shows, latest top ten list of shows, etc. Just sort of stop existing for me. My only connection was via the Iraqis themselves, they sold bootleg DVDs of shows to Soldiers and I got my hands on “How I Met Your Mother” and gobbled up the first couple of seasons, “True Blood” was another one I enjoyed. But that was it, I missed everything that happened from 2008 until I got back in 2010 and so I missed the show called Castle.

When I was on R&R recently in line at the Walmart a magazine caught my eye with our favorite Firefly star dancing on the cover. I loved the Firefly show and the man playing the captain really made me a fan. He is calm, cool, collected, a bit corny and yet, still a nerd like many of us. For some reason I just liked the guy. So I picked up the magazine and realized he was in a ‘new’ TV show called Castle…a crime/detective story. Not exactly my favorite style of show, my wife loves everyone one of those shows and I bet my DVR has a ratio of 1:500 of my shows to her crime drama shows. This one had some how missed her radar as well, which I find odd because in some ways this show reminds me of that Burn Notice show she loves, though this one is much better.

But it was Nathan.

So when I returned to Iraq, vowing to have as normal a life as I could while here, I rented the pilot episode on iTunes. I loved it. The cast is superb with the female lead being a perfect match with her dry coldness she is the exact foil for Nick Castle. The silly, sly humor is just the right amount of levity a cop show needs. In addition, the side story of Castle’s daughter as she goes through the growing pains of being a teenager and the story of Castle’s aloof diva mother just adds a perfect balance to the crime drama. Now my regular thing is to download an episode three nights a week and hit the gym, do some time on the elliptical and get caught up on my new favorite show.

I highly recommend the show, especially if you just want to see the captain up to his usual antics, albeit in our present day world.


3 thoughts on “Castle

  1. I know I’m not adding anything new here, but Castle is one my wife and mine favorite shows. We always look forward to Monday evenings. Now if you watch enough episodes, you’ll find that there are two of them with a brief reference to Firefly.

    1. Really? Oh, I will be on the lookout for them in that case! I just started the second seqson, so I have plenty of episodes to go. Thanks for the tip!

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