Sidemorph#4 (Vertical Geomorphs)


Yet another SideMorph! This time out I took the time to do a little ‘inking’ and redrew the walls & floors of the geomorph, a que I took from Stonewerks style, I think it helps the walls stand out a bit more. I really like the minimalist “dirt & rocks” style, I think I have settled upon this for the time being.

One thing I have noticed about these, much more than with the bird’s eye view geomorphs, was that I find myself sort of creating a story along the way via the evidence left behind by previous explorers as they made their way through the caverns. Chains and ropes show how previous folks have scaled the walls and made passage through or around traps and pools of gross jelly-fish. Really, is there’d anything yuckier than jelly-fish??? This time I think I went a little bit overboard with traps and tricks scattered about the geomorph, perhaps too many? Can you have too many traps?



4 thoughts on “Sidemorph#4 (Vertical Geomorphs)

  1. So in what ways can someone make use of the cool stuff these vertical geomorphs explore? Has anybody used them in games? Has there been discussion about this already that you could point me to?

    I like them, but I’m curious as to their application.

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