The Bored & Tired Warrior

Yesterday I sat in a meeting like any other day (my life right now can be divided into three catagories: sleep, in meetings, and outside of meetings) and as usual, I found myself bored in a meeting. I have a new notebook, nothing special, something someone sent us in a Soldier carepackage, of a “Six Feet Under” notebook from HBO. I particularly like it because it has a soft green velvety cover and nice thick, unlined paper inside.  As luck would have it, I happened to have grabbed a pencil and this sharpie marker pen that I just love. Then I headed to my meeting.

The meeting droned on and on.

I became bored and drew the fellow above, much like me, a bored and tired warrior. 😉

At one point I looked up, and the Battalion XO was looking at me rather curiously. Guess he did not appreciate me doodling during his meeting. Oh well, fire me.

Last night I inked him, took a photo with my camera and cleaned it up a little in Fireworks. Other than that, all freehand, all bored in a meeting.


One thought on “The Bored & Tired Warrior

  1. Maybe he’s a reincarnated henchman?

    “Yada yada yada, oh wait what was that, something about something? Ah nevermind, I’ll just end up dead anyway in some pit trap, or acid trap, or lava trap, like in all my previous lives. I really should talk to the union.”

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