X-plorers: Map preview part II

Last week I posted about my involvement with Brave Halfling Publishing on the upcoming X-Plorers’ box set by providing a few maps/designs of space ships for use with the game. Shortly after I had finished the first map and John contacted me, mentioning he has an idea for another map, from his email I got the impression it was a smaller, more exploration sort of craft. This, of course, got my mind reeling with ideas, images and thoughts on what a small craft might look like.

I grabbed my iPad and went to work, I had a quick shot of inspiration and it needed to be freed from the confines of my brain! I hashed out the design below in about five minutes on my iPad using ArtStudio.

I imported this to my laptop and opened it up in Fireworks and went to work. First I redrew the ship using simple vectors, I really wish I could get a powerful and easy to use iPad vector art App, because I wanted it to be clear and fit the right style for the map. Plus I wanted to use the same design for the mini and macro view of the ship. When I had shown the previous ship map to a few friends, one of them mentioned that he wondered what the outside of the craft looked like, so this time I wanted to not only have something usable as a map, but also as a play-aid by showing what it looked like on the outside. Players like that.

Next, I started fleshing out the interior of the ship, providing an area for quartering (up to six personnel), the mandatory engineering section, a mess section, along with some instrument panel which I assume are used to make communication checks with family, surf the mega-speed outernet for the latest space porn, and the nav/life support area. Up a slight ramp (I dropped the side view, just couldn’t make it fit on the piece) brings you to the cockpit where the pilot and co-pilot can view the expanse of space through a massive viewport.

I am very happy with how this turned out and can see a group of brave X-Plorers out seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in the Serrano!

I included a few easter eggs in this for friends of mine, see if you can find them all!


4 thoughts on “X-plorers: Map preview part II

  1. Matt, AWESOME Stuff you Wildman!!!! That is a very slick, and Very PROFESSIONAL looking graphic. I bow down to your greatness. You did that on “Fireworks” with an Ipad, I’ll have to check all that out. I posted an old Traveller ship I designed a long time ago here:


    (Of Course that was back when all we had to use was stone tablets and bone tools to draw with, not all these fancy/schmancy “puters and such…:)

  2. Thanks! I really liked the evolution of this one so I had to show how it went from conception to reality. I meant to take snapshots as I went along and then forgot. The first image was drawn on my iPad while the actual image was done, essentially from the ground up using the first image as a guide, on my laptop using Fireworks.

    @ze bulette I never really thought of what that could be, just assumed it was the corridor from the cockpit to the rest of the ship and the airlocked doors were there for extra protection. Er, yeah, go with the old school idea of “I left a few rooms empty for the GMs to add their own flavor.” Sounds good. šŸ™‚

    @stonewerks Very nice map man, I really like it. If I get a chance, you mind if I updated it and made it an official X-Plorers ship? Not promising anything, pretty busy at the moment, but it would be a fun project!

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