Short & Sweet: The One-Two Punch?

I have noticed something about myself, a change from the past me if you will, and I began to wonder if this is the sort of thing everyone was feeling, or if it was just me. Which is entirely possible.

I have been gaming, mostly running games since around 1983. From the early 80s until 1999 I had ran mostly TSR products: D&D (various incarnations), Star Frontiers, & the brilliant Marvel Super Heroes, after 99 however my focus changed to a myriad of systems. Vampire, Heavy Gear, The Window, Savage Worlds, Barbarians of Lemuria, DungeonSlayers, Fate, Fiasco, 3:16, Old School Hack, and of course the god of RPGs: Risus. So that said, I think I have a fairly broad scope of gaming, what it is, what has been, and what it can be.

Well recently I have found myself in a unique situation, I have been deployed to the middle east, or in training preparing to deploy, through most of the last four years. That may be important and might be a contributing  factor to my main thought in this post, I am not sure. I have come to find myself accustomed to the ‘blog length’ of things. I am finding that I will be excited about a product, purchase it, download it, and then realize that it is 100+ pages long and I will read a few pages, maybe suffer through a few chapters, and then never return to the product. If I find a product that is 20 to 50 pages, I am more apt to read it. Even products that have been produced and parts released over time on a blog, I find myself wanting that length for reading bits.

What got me thinking was a blog I read frequently: Risus Monkey. He has begun posting his Risus Castle Falkenstein conversion, dropping a post with short bits on the setting and converting the rules to Risus. As he does this, he is essentially creating chapters, but the fact these are provided almost in an episodic manner induces me to read them in a happier mood than page after page of rules in a book.

I am wondering if others are finding themselves drawn more to the varied, and shorter, blog posts than long rule/setting books.

Oh, and the unhappy bunny? No idea.
Just drew it and thought I should put it right there.


2 thoughts on “Short & Sweet: The One-Two Punch?

    1. I have really noticed when looking over rulebooks and setting books. I just do not have the tenacity to follow through and read a giant tome of information, regardless of how cool it is.

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