OSH Journal (session 1): A Unique Group enters Bettendorf (Part I)

A few weeks ago I started up an online game using MapTool and Old School Hack. I gathered some of my old friends that I have been meaning to game with for a while, but we just have not been able to connect together and get some gaming done (after numerous false starts on my part). I just want to give out a shout out to the guys behind MapTool because we are all over the world for this game. Alex lives in Canada (we promise not to hold it against you!), Keith and Bryan are in vastly different parts of the U.S. and I am currently in Iraq. Talk about global gaming!

I have spoken before about the atmosphere I was aiming for with this game, a sort of lite-hearted take on a fantasy game. I planned on throwing in some non-traditional fantasy cliches into the game: clockwork gears, flintlocks, zeppelins, friendly lizardmen & trolls, maybe even a kobold princess that needs rescued! If it is zanny, off the wall, and might raise an eyebrow, I want to toss it in. Luckily, the players seem to have bought into this with a sexy (and scantily clad) female fighter named Zev,  an elven stranger named Gordon Lightfoot, a thief named Kray who likes to do fancy maneuvers and toss endless daggers, and the strangest fellow, a mushroom and ale loving magic user named Stanley. So, yeah, I would say they bought in, hook, tail, and sinker.

Some of the posts over the last few weeks have been made specifically for this game:
The Village of Bettendorf
The Stag’s Glenn
Swiftplemmet Drop
Wartburg Fell

I began the adventure with a simple statement that the group had formed with the idea of finding adventure and wealth in the Grimglorm Mountains. Traveling upon a country road eager to reach the mountains, they came across a village called Bettendorf that appeared to have just been under attack. They encountered a man name Pater Dodacadi , a monk apparently, who viewed them as the village’s saviors from the recent attacks. Attacks most unusual.

Over the last few weeks the village has suffered under nightly attack by animals. First it was squirrels and rabbits, a few days later raccoons, then the deer assaulted. The animals attacked anyone they came across, over time the attacks got worse as the animals got larger. Every night, the village would close doors, lock windows and try to stay inside for fear of the escalating attacks. Then, early this morning the cows came. Not normal cows either, they walked upright like people and snatched a few of the villagers and ran off into the Forbidden Forest™. The Pater had been praying for a miracle to come and help, and as luck would have it, the party arrived just in time to be mistaken for heroes. Oops.

They learned all the above and more, apparently they all believe the animals are the result of some evil wizard who operates out of a place called Wartburg Fell, an ancient ruins that lies deep in the Forbidden Forest™. They were also introduced to a flintlock totting lizardman named Wilferd who is embarrassed to inform the Pater that he  has in fact been in the Forest which is, of course, Forbidden. Against the Prater’s wishes, they all agree that an excursion into the Forest is the only way to proceed. First, though, Prater says they need to visit, eat, relax, rest at a local favorite place: The Stag’s Glenn.

They enter the tavern/inn and immediately meet Glenn, a fine fellow who offers them drink and food. Gordon enters the picture here and is sitting in the corner, eying this odd group of adventurers. Then it gets weird. A large door opens and a huge elk wanders into the tavern. Luckily he has a little pen marked off and is apparently a favorite of the locals. Rumor has it sings along with all the bar songs in the evening.

Stanley offers him whiskey.

The group relaxes a little, eating and drinking, Stanley makes friends with the stag, affectionately named Bob. Did I mention he likes whiskey? Soon, a little man enters going by the name Sir Gildor, he is a herald for the local lord. Gildor announces that Lord Fergestrom has arrived, hearing of the attack on the village and would like to talk to the heroes who have decided to act on the behalf of the villagers. The group immediately do not seem to like the Lord, and quickly end the conversation to head off into the Forest.

To Be Continued…

Below are some screenshots from the game.


5 thoughts on “OSH Journal (session 1): A Unique Group enters Bettendorf (Part I)

  1. I just wanted to pop by and say that I got some radical mail from you yesterday! I can’t wait to send it out to everyone else!

    One of these days we have to talk about a commission. I need a map for my Haldane project and would rather throw my pennies at you than someone I don’t know.

    1. Awesome, glad you liked it. When I finished it I was sort of surprised it turned out so well. Hopefully your zine readers enjoy it!

      I would love to work with on Haldane. Currently flooded at work, but should die down next week.

  2. I suck at reading from screens, so I printed out your game synopsis and read it last night before bed. I love teh style and flavor you are going for.

    Regarding the crazed animals, are the animals from the forest alone, or are pets in the village going berserk? Also, does the stalking stag have any ideas about what’s gong on?

    Take care,

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