Tournament Games (1d6 RTT)

Taking a cue from fellow blogger Dyson, I thought I would add in my set of silly, crazy, zany games one might find in a fantasy setting. He listed his 1-6 ideas here if you wish to view them, you can add ours together to get a sort of random d12 crazy table of odd ball games* to stuff your local taverns and pubs with. Some of these turned out way more complicated than I intended, but hey, what do you expect for free stuff? 😉

* Kids, don’t try these at home, let the professionals handle these.

1- Shields! In this insane race patrons of the tavern hold up shields, resting one corner on their shoulders, the other with their hands. Holding these roughly shoulder height and parallel to the grounds, they create a ‘stepping stone’ circular track. Two patrons challenge each other and begin at opposite sides of the track, balancing atop the shields. For every level, the racers may take one step, rolling to hit AC 6. Any Dexterity bonuses may be applied. For every step taken, racers will roll a d6, on a 1, the person holding the shield they are stepping onto struggles holding their weight and causes the next step taken to suffer a -2 to the roll. Race ends when one racer catches the other, or most likely, one racer falls.

Halflings and elves get a +1 to their rolls due to small size or inherent grace.

2- Keg Races. Racers square off against each other, ready to lift a full keg on the ground before them. Mark off twelve steps (squares) before them. Each racer will pick up the keg and begin walking forward, each step being one roll. They attempt to roll their STR or below on a d20. Every time they roll below, they take one step forward. If they roll exactly their STR, they struggle to step forward and remain in the same square. If they roll higher than their STR, they advance one step, but their STR falls by one (for the purposes of the race only). First racer to complete the twelve steps (squares) wins.

3- Adventurer’s Mug. Map out 6 steps (squares) before the racers, at each end place a stool. Sitting atop these stools are shots of some rather hard liquor. On the command GO! each racer will down a shot. After each drink, the racer will roll a Saving Throw (or Save versus poison if the rules are so written), or suffer a -2 on all further rolls this competition. After the drink, they must sprint to the other stool and down another drink. A successful DEX check is required to make it to the other stool, a fail here means you fall flat on your face. After each drink (and save) the racer runs to the previous stool, and the cycle continues until someone passes out on the ground.

4- Dwarf Tossing. This highly illegal game is very popular in the far hinterlands to the west. While some will claim it is cruel to dwarves, you must know that the dwarves sign up for these contests for a share in the profits. Challengers square off with a dwarf (usually wearing a nice helmet to protect their noggin. A target is set up, a bottle, a naked woman, or even a halfling. Each contestant takes turns tossing their dwarf at the target. The dwarf will roll a Saving Throw (versus Death Rays if so written), success granting the tosser a +2 to their roll, failing the tosser suffers a -2 to their roll. Then the tosser rolls an attack roll against a AC 7 target. Success means they strike the target, failure, they went wide.

5- Body Parts. This silly game requires a sturdy constitution to play as well as speed of hands. Players take turns rolling a dice, the result relating to a certain body part, see table below. Each player rolls initiative to see how quickly their character grabs his own body part, the slowest person needing to drink a full mug of ale, and also making a successful Saving Throw (or save vs poison), failing this incurs a -1 to all further initiative rolls. Failures are cumulative. When the penalty equals the character’s CON, the character collapses to the floor. Play can continue until only one character is standing.

1) Both Knees        5) Nose
2) Earlobe              6) Groin
3) Elbow                 7) Boobs (both)
4) Arse                    8) Toes

And that is all I got! It sure is way harder to come up with something that would be fun in a game, a challenge and still doable using dice and such at a game table. Not sure I did either here. Oh well, you get what you pay for, eh?


2 thoughts on “Tournament Games (1d6 RTT)

  1. Awesome!

    I had issues getting to 6 myself. Which is why #6 is such a simple entry…

    6 – Bear Wrestling
    Bad Idea, Bob.

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