Old School Hack Week!

Next week will officially be Old School Hack Week! here on Lapsus Calumni. I will be posting numerous play reports until I am caught up with my current game (we just had our fourth session this last week), also some interviews I had my players do on their characters. If I get a chance I may even do up some game material for my current favorite game system! If you have not downloaded this game and at least given it a read through, you really are missing out.

Wohooo! Party on with much OSH goodness.


4 thoughts on “Old School Hack Week!

  1. Awesome!

    Love Old School Hack.

    Actually, that reminds me that I haven’t read the full release of it, only played the previous playtest release (which was 100% awesome 100% of the time).

    I can’t hold myself to weekly themes. I tried to do a mostly deadEarth week this past week. And got 2 deadEarth posts in. Well, and another today. But still, hardly a theme week.

    1. I find that writing a little bit at a time, then scheduling it a week or two ahead helps. These posts I have next week I have had partials done for some time now and then slowly added to them here and there. Then I just schedule them all at once for the same week.
      Plus the majority are actual plays of my online game. I still have three more posts for the week to add, so I will probably either do more than one a day, or a little longer than a strict week.
      I have to say this is one game system that I absolutely love, and would like to make hacks of for other systems. Been thinking really hard on a sci-fi version for months now.

  2. We were just talking last night about how we needed to do another round of OSH. My one session of the game was a unanimous hit.

    Look forward to see what you’ve got in store for the week.

    1. Actually, I am just shy of making it a OSH Fortnight! I am posting all of the play reports up to my session last week (and it would make sense that I will probably do another one for this coming week’s game, so look for four more play reports), all of my player-written character interviews, right now I have one post regarding some ‘magical’ brownies one of our characters is famous for all written up for use in OSH (just wait, so silly), and lastly, I am thinking of writing up a interview with one of the NPCs that has become a player favorite. I am trying to work up another OSH post that has something to add to it such as more Talents or maybe some traditional D&D bad guys in OSH rules.

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