WordPress (Upgrade!) and the Sunday Roundup

WordPress just upgraded their system, including dropping the old Internet Explorer  6 support, and I have to say this new Dashboard it pretty smooth. A much nicer, cleaner, and more modern appearance. It also seems to load much faster than previous versions of the popular blogging software.

Another great thing is that this upgrade appears to load and work much better on my iPad. I usually do all my mobile blogging via the WordPress App which has gotten significantly better over the last few months, but if the main Dashboard writing experience gets better, who knows, I may just use it.

A few updates on things I am working on:

1) My weekly Old School Hack game is progressing well. This online game has now hit four straight sessions with one week off due to me traveling. The group has started to mesh well and personalities are starting to develop. All in all, looking like a decent game forming. Next week, I am officially calling OLD SCHOOL HACK WEEK and will be posting numerous session logs from this game all week long as well as posting some character interviews my players put together. So grab some popcorn and get ready to read about our crazy little group’s exploits!

2) I have another X-Plorers ship in the works, about 90% complete now, probably upload the week after next. Eagerly looking forward to the book being published (I think they are still aiming for June).

3) Wartberg Fell mega map.  I posted about this place in the past and it is on the horizon for my players. So far I have the main floor and the second floor partially mapped. I expect the place to have at least three level of dungeons, so it will be rather large when I am done. I am planning on posting the levels as I complete them and then roll them up into a single Lapsus Calumni zine issue for ease of viewing…sometime in the future.

4) A small, old school dungeon for Knockspell or the Encounters zines. I am really hoping to get something published in one of these old school mags soon. To that end I am working on a few ideas, hopefully the gods of creativity will strike me soon and I will get something completed.

5) Reading. Currently I am reading Christopher Moore’s Practical Demonkeeping. So far it has been pretty easy reading and going quickly The ”hero” and his attempt to piss off the demon by crashing the car is pretty funny, the demon just taking it in stride because nothing can really hurt him, is pretty funny.

6) More reading. Once that is complete, I will return to Fuzzy Nation as I posted about a week ago. This one looks really good and I cannot wait to get stuck in a new version of one of my all time favorite books!

7) Yet more reading. Still struggling through Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas. This very large tome is a detailed journey through the life of a German pastor who stood up against Hitler and got struck down (and executed) for it. Interesting, but long winded and full of theological discussions. Not my usual fair.

8 ) Lastly, I am working on the next issue of Lapsus Calumni, which will be a reworking of the dungeon my current group is running through at the moment. I am hoping this will be completed sometime next week, edited and released in roughly a week and a half.

Well, that where I am sitting at the moment. Very busy these days at work with various projects as we get closer to heading home, so I am limited in my gaming wanderings, but I am hoping to get some good mapping done here soon. Toodles!

Remember, tomorrow starts OSH Week! Be sure to check back and read about all the fun we have been having with this great game.


4 thoughts on “WordPress (Upgrade!) and the Sunday Roundup

  1. I’m really debating the WordPress thing- it seems like something I should investigate but don’t want to spend money on … =p

    looking forward to OSH!

    1. Actually, I use the free one, have been for about 3 or 4 years now. There are a few things I do not like, but consistently I have found WP to be very good.

  2. I dig the new upgrade as well.
    Free is good. Free with improvements is even better.

    Practical Demonkeeping is a fun read. His other books are also fun. If you still like Practical Demonkeeping at the end, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove will be worth checking out.

  3. @4649matt I like the new dashboard much more than the previous version, this seems more professional to me. I pushed up to almost half way through Practical Demonkeeping, so far it is really good. I have a block of time this week where I have to essentially man a desk for 4 hours, sounds like I may finish the book! 😉 I will keep the other one in mind for my ‘to read’ list, thanks!

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