OSH: Character Interviews, Kray Dragovan

A few weeks ago, we had a break in our gaming schedule just as we were getting started, I had to do some job related travel. That’s me in a blackhawk. What can I say, sometimes my job is cool! 😉

Anyway, back to the game. Well we had a break and we were just getting started, I had internet access here and there, but never for certain. So I decided to give the players a chance to tell us about their characters, from their own point of view. In the coming posts, I will post their replies, some are pretty freaking funny. This is the first post in the series I am calling Old School Hack Week!

First up is Kray Dragovan.

Who are you?
{taps mic – clears voice} Kray Dragovan – but call me Kray.

Where are you from?
Lots of different places {chuckles nervously} been traveling for a long time – ever since I can remember actually so I can’t really tell you.

Why are you traveling with your current companions?
Sometimes I wonder myself (Laughs) Stan and Zev can be a pain – especially Stan, but they’re good traveling buddies – we’ve pulled each other out of the fire more than a few times. We met up at a tavern some months ago, there was a bit of a fight (winks) amoung the patrons and after that bonding experience we’ve been traveling together.

Where would you rather be?
Right now? Nowhere in particular these days {pauses, looks off in the distance} yeah – nowhere.

Tell me three things that you do not have but wish you did.
A ship, a tavern possibly {pause – laughs nervously} peace of mind?

What do you do best in life?
Other than getting myself into trouble? Sailing & swimming, been doing them forever – I’m a good runner too.

I’m a terrible ventriloquist.

If someone was asked about you, what would be the first thing they would tell?
I’m a trouble shooter.

What do you want most from life?
Excitement and adventure.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
(no hesitation) Home or dead.

Below are Kray’s stats, screengrabbed from inside MapTool.


4 thoughts on “OSH: Character Interviews, Kray Dragovan

    1. Actually I had a moment of weirdness on the flight back. I had my iPod playing and the song “Paint it Black” came on as we were flying low over the Iraqi desert. Seriously made me stop and think.

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