OSH Journal (session 2): Swiftplummet Drop

A few weeks ago I posted a map for a place called Swiftplummet Drop, and that is where the group headed towards, looking for the source of the nutty animals. They wandered about through the forest, led by the faithful guide named Wilferd. After a good walk south from Bettendorf they came across an open field laid as in the map. The roaring waterfall plummeted over a sharp cliff and formed a large pond with an island in the middle. Across the small river that led away from the pond, lie the ruins of some building, long ago faded from glory.

The real excitement however, was the large troll being attacked by a herd of kobolds! The nasty little buggers were everywhere and the group moved quickly in action against the pests.

After a quick engagement against the kobolds attacking the large troll, a line of kobold archers appeared atop the cliff, raining arrows down upon the heroes. Stanley produced one of his excellent brownies and distracted a kobold, while the others engaged in melee. Off on the cliff, a surprise attack by archers began to annoy the group.

At this point I was attempting to introduce the group to the arena idea. It went ok, but I think I could have handled it better. I think they grasped the idea, though I think I was too vague in explaining the concept of you can move anywhere within an arena without incurring a penalty. This battle went pretty straight forward in a D&Dish style, little flair or awesomeness. It takes time, I know.

Quickly, Zev, Kray and Wilferd headed to the cliffs to dispatch the pesky little buggers. A quick spell from our deft magic-user ended the battle in a napping session for the bad guys. The remaining kobolds in the main area below the waterfall were quickly dispatched as well. Image above is from the aftermath of the battle, Xed kobolds are dead, Oed kobolds are peacefully sleeping.

Overall, a easy combat session, but that was my intent, I just wanted to introduce the system to the players before I start killing them off.

With all the kobolds asleep or dead, the party approached the troll and found out his name was Fitzgerald and he seemed rather friendly. A brownie offered by Stanley again proved useful. Talking to the troll, they discovered that he worked with a fellow named Pete who had been kidnapped and taken into the kobold’s lair, the entrance lied in the ruins. He also mentioned something about the kobolds stealing the Flash Gold 😉 from their dragon (!) and now the dragon would not fly. Fitz took the heroes to the entrance to the kobold lair, a secret hidden door in the floor of the ruins. He also explained the animal poop around the ruins was actually kobold poop, meant to deter unwanted creatures or visitors to their home. Mention of the dragon here intrigued the group and they asked for more information. Fitz took them above the waterfall where they discovered a large airship hidden behind the brush!

This was my attempt to throw in non-traditional fantasy elements into the game. The players took it in stride and accepted this odd craft in the game. And now they really became interested in Fitz’s friend, the Flash Gold, and the kobold lair.

The image to the left (click to enlarge) was snapped after the battle and you can see how the session was laid out in MapTool. Keith had dropped in the Combat Tracker (or the “flower” as we call it). I have used this and the cards in games, still torn on which I prefer to use. I have been able to run a pretty complicated combat without either, and it works fine as well.

The ‘wooden’ table I use as the bowl. The big thumb thing is an awesome point I stole from the web somewhere. It works fairly well, though I think in face2face games the actual bowl with M&Ms works way better. People like to physically hand the points to each other.


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