OSH: Character Interviews, Stanley

Probably the trophy for the most bizarre character in my new OSH game would go to Stanley. A magic-user with a penchant for mind-alerting brownies (stay tuned for more on that later this week) and making strange friends, at first I was a little worried that he would not be a good fit for the group. Him or his stuffed owl Mortimer. I even worried that the limited magical ability would make him boring or not especially useful in the game, boy was I wrong.

Without further adieu, here is Stanley!

Who are you? 
That is a question we all need to ask ourselves. Who are we really, who are we trying to be, and whom do others perceive us to be. It’s very complicated and I really don’t have time to list all of who I am here. Still, temporally limited beings love labels and so I have chosen the name of Stanley. A non-presumptuous title that suffices for most day-to-day needs.

Where are you from? 
The universe spawns us all to its benefit. We exist as a set of cohesive particles with the belief of self determination when in fact we are simply very small cogs in a very big cosmic clock. We serve our purpose and then return from whence we came. Our actions don’t matter, really. It’s only important that we act. Chaos provides energy while Order provides direction. I’m from between Chaos and Order standing both above and below them in cosmic importance.

Why are you traveling with your current companions? 
I am simply playing my part traversing the pathway set before me.

My inanimate bird companion is a true gem of the universe filled with wisdom and charm.

The giant, invisible talking mushrooms are the only ones that truly ‘get’ me. They are an unobtrusive lot that seem content to simply listen most days. I truly love their company.

The others (humanoids) I’m traveling with are more parts of the engine-cosmic that play their part in helping me in my quest for perfection. Thus far the universe seems content to have me traveling with these most excellent people. That and have you seen the butt on the elfess?

Where would you rather be? 
I have no desire to be in another coordinate of the space-time continuum. Comfort is transitory as is pleasure and pain. As long as the view is nice, I’m content where I am. (did I mention the butt?)
 Tell me three things that you do not have but wish you did. 
A better understanding of the engine-cosmic. The best bottle of bourbon ever made. More magic mushrooms to help expand my mind.
What do you do best in life? 
Perceive the universe for what it truly is and our part in it. The other ants in the jar don’t know their place in the grand order of things. Some claim greatness when, in fact, they’re just ants.

I have no talent in brevity. If anything is worth saying, it is worth saying with a lot of words, some of which are made up on the spot. If you have something brief to say, it is better left unsaid until you’ve developed the thought more fully.

If someone was asked about you, what would be the first thing they would tell? 
They would speak of my wisdom and knowledge. My ability to educate and lift the collective consciousness of those around me. Then they would likely complain about the bar tab I stuck them with.
What do you want most from life? 
Greater understanding followed by ascension to a higher plane of thought. I don’t mind being the smartest man on the planet I’m just slightly miffed it happens to be this planet. I mean, really.
 Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
A decade is not enough time for what I have planned thus I’ll still be working towards perfection in ten years. Check back in 50.
Below is the screencap from MapTool of Stanley’s write up.

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