OSH Journal (session 4a): The Kobold Pit

…into the small tunnel they went.

This week we were down a player, but we opted to continue. While we waited to start, we had a long discussion about the future of MapTool as one of our players was just announced to be The Bard for the RPTools team! Congrats Keith! If you are interested in what happens to MapTool down the road, blame him! ūüėČ

The tunnel became damp and slippery here, leading farther down into the deeps. Stanley led the group through the tight tunnel, noticing a light approaching. Coming nearly face to face with a small gaggle (technical term, means exactly four) kobolds, the first carrying a torch. One seeing the invaders, the back two ran off down the tunnel, presumingly to alert the other kobolds. Stanley, as usual, took a unique approach to the situation.

I was glad here to see the magic-user taking a step forward and really being more than just a M-U in the group. Keith is an awesome player and he really went in a direction I had not dreamed of.

Stanley used his charms to offer a Dream Brownie‚ĄĘ to the lead kobold. A quick stat check here and the kobold sampled it, much to the¬†chagrin¬†of his friend. He was extremely pleased with the yummy goodness of the brownie. We learned his name was¬†Krizztak and Stanley had a¬†pleasant¬†conversation with him while Zev leapt over them both and slaughtered the other kobold. Krizztak¬†didn’t¬†even notice.

Kray and Zev, eager for more bloodshed continued forward down the tunnel. Stanley and his new friend took a little longer to explore and discovered a side tunnel. This side tunnel, much to Stanley’s dismay contained four more kobolds, waiting to jump him. They leapt from the darkness and two opened fire with their slingshots. The first one rolled terrible, despite having surprised poor Stanley and as luck would have it, his shot went wide, struck a wall, bounced across the room and tagged one of the other kobolds in the noggin. Stanley 1, kobolds 0.¬†The other kobold open fired and completely missed. Stanley dropped two more Awesome Points to cast his “Sleep” spell again.

I must stop here and explain something about Stanley. He loves shrooms and prefers to use his sleep spell as a hallucinatory smoke that messes with the perception of those around him. This often has questionable results, but it allows me to really go wild on what happens, so I love when he starts flinging his spell around.

He casts his spell and suddenly the kobolds see a giant creature burst forth from the wall behind them. Some giant monster is attacking their home! The ignore Stanley and engage the creature attacking them from behind. Assuming the little creatures were busy for a while, Stanley follows the rest of the group.

to be continued …


4 thoughts on “OSH Journal (session 4a): The Kobold Pit

    1. It is a great little program for people like me away from home and friends. Takes a little to get up to speed with it, but once you do, it is by far the most powerful and easiest to use for online games.

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