OSH Journal (session 4b): The Kobold Pit

Today we pick up where we left off the other day

Stanley and his new groupie Krizztak  hook up with the rest of the group and see before them a massively large cavern, a waterfall at on end to their left, a wide stream running through the middle, and a large hole in the wall to their right where the stream disappears. In the image to the right, you can see a few kobolds hiding just out of sight behind the edge of a cliff, the players were not surprised and Stanley dropped another Sleep on them quickly.

They quickly spotted four groups of kobolds just waiting for them. One group on the ledge to the left, a smaller group of kobolds bearing missile weapons waited on the island, the ledge on the top right held yet more kobolds, and finally, another group was sprinting out of the tunnel to the bottom right.

Literally the place was covered with kobolds.

Here I wanted to show the players how OSH handles loads of minions and threw more than twenty of the little turds out there. I had forgotten when I drew this to add in the ropes that hang from the ceiling. As a crappy GM, I also forgot to mention this fact when I described the room to the players. Luckily, my guys are a cool group and understood. So I drew the ropes on the map using the pink, denoting the point where they were closest to the ground (essentially where they were tied off to a stalagmite on the cavern floor).

Zev and Kray immediately head out on attack mode. Zev to the group across the stream to the right, Kray to the ledge on the left. Stanley and Krizztak  sit down on the ledge, munching on brownies and discussing grand theoretical ideals. Here my memory gets slightly fuzzy but I believe Zev ended up on the ledge to the top right after slaying a few kobolds. Gray kills a few, then heads toward the island to do away with the missile launcher kobolds there.

About this time the players notice the kobolds’ ears perk up, shortly followed by a horn blowing. All of the kobolds turn and climb/run for higher ground. The two on the island climb the ropes on the northern end of the island. Kray snags a rope and in great swashbuckler fashion, swings around them, effectively looping his rope around theirs and trapping all three of them together. He slashes their lines and then swings over to the left ledge.

If I remember correctly, this was the moment when APs began to get spent. I think here the players were beginning to see the power of the AP and how to toss them about during the game.

Stanley, ever the curious, inquires with Krizztak  regarding the horn blowing. Krizztak  informs him that the cavern regularly floods, thus the need for the ledges and the ropes. He seems not too worried about it. Yet, Stanley notices the tunnel leading off to the left of the cavern. Krizztak  tells Stanley this is where they grow their food, tended by the women and children. Gasp!

Back to Zev, she deftly charges up the stairs, slaying a kobold in her path. Atop the ledge, she is suddenly confronted with a small gaggle of kobolds waiting for her. She decides to use her charge talent and run through them, slaying any she can. Luck favors her not and she is only able to slay one, ending up on the northern end of the ledge.

I opted here to take a moment and have a little GM fun. I dropped two Awesome Points in the bowl and narrated some fun.

One kobold snatches a small flask off his belt and utters something about no one entering his home and killing his friends (I forget exactly what I said) and quickly down the potion. He immediately grows to twice the normal size, I make his Armor Class 12 and raise his Hit Points to 4. Zev thinks this is nothing serious…

Stanley has some second thoughts about the women and children and he asks Krizztak what will happen when the flood comes. “They should be coming out”, Krizztak says between munches (I think he was on his third brownie by now). Stanley would have nothing of this, even if they are kobolds! He runs over, Krizztak  following faithfully behind him. They enter the ‘farm area’ of the cave, spotting rows of mushrooms!

At this point Keith, Stanley’s player, mentions something about mushroom men and an idea starts to form in my head.

Back in the main cavern, water begins to flow heavily into the room. The waterfall becomes a waterspout, with water shooting out. The stream begins to leave its banks. Back to Kray, he slashed and dashes, cutting a few kobolds. If I remember right he punted one off the ledge he is on and watches the guy splash into the rising water and float downstream.

Zev is finding herself surrounded, but is still confident until I get lucky with a few rolls and land three solid hits on her. For the first time in the game, I think Bryan is worried he could lose a character.

Here I totally goofed but did not realize it until a day after the game. I forgot to use the minion rule when I have two or more minions attacking the same target, instead of rolling a single d10 to attack, I can roll one for each, take the two highest and add them together. This would have made my combats much more dangerous. I will remember this for next time. 🙂

Bryan expends some AP to jump from the ledge, snag a rope over the island, and land next to Kray on the far left ledge. Wait…I think he ran from a fight! Zev would never!

Stanley enters the southern chamber via a small staircase and finds the women and children still farming. As he heads down the stairs, behind him, the mushrooms suddenly pull their stalks out of the ground! Then the stalks split and form legs! Stanley watches as they all uproot themselves and head towards the entrance to the large cavern. When they reach the entrance, they bow their large oval heads down and form a wall, effectively blocking the water from entering the smaller cave!

Taking it in stride, Stanely instructs the women and children in kobold (I forget why now, but he knew how to speak kobold) to run for the higher ground in the farm area. He and Krizztak  watch along with the stunned women and children as the mushrooms form a damn using their ‘hoods’ and hold the water at bay.

We ended the session with the mushroom men holding back the water, the women and children kobolds safe with Stanely, and Kray and Zev trapped out on the ledge surrounded by angry kobolds…and a raging river that is flooding the cavern!


4 thoughts on “OSH Journal (session 4b): The Kobold Pit

    1. When Keith made the comment about the mushroom men, I just knew I had to put them in there. The part about their heads, not sure if he mentioned something or my crazy brain came up with it, but it just sort of happened. Either way, added a nice little bit to the story and makes me eager to see what happens next.

  1. You forgot the part about Stanley puffing his pipe while the combat was going on sending a plum of smoke to the kobolds causing them to hallucinate. One of the kobolds became ‘the great leader’ and started giving a speech to his enthralled (and hallucinating) followers.

    Stanley often is really sure what’s real and what isn’t. He yelled at the mushrooms when he entered (in mushroom) to go block the entrance. I honestly thought he was a goner but it was a very Stanley thing to do. Matt freaked me out completely when the mushrooms actually did as instructed.

    The magic user speaks draconic and thus kobold. He speaks mushroom because he has several invisible ones that follow him around to listen to his philosophy (according to him).

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