OSH: Character Interviews, Zev

Next up, we have the initial character that really set the stage for my ‘angle‘ on this game and the atmo I was aiming for. It was all Bryan’s fault, blame him. Now, after reading the other characters’ interviews, you may ask why Zev over all others gets her full  image in this post. Well, because it is Zev, that’s why.
Who are you?
My name is Zev.

Where are you from?
I am from a small town named Minic. Its a mining town with a thriving merchant route through it.

Why are you traveling with your current companions?
They are both very useful in our adventures and somewhat fun to be around as well. Kray can get us through locked doors and around traps, while Stan can…well he does something. Oh, Stan can make some of the best brownies! I don’t know what he puts in them, but they taste wonderful.

Where would you rather be?
I would rather be in a big city, living in one of the largest manors and owning a chain of taverns.
Tell me three things that you do not have but wish you did.
Gold, gems, and, does magic count as a thing? If not, then a chain of taverns. Oh and don’t forget a large manor. Plus all the servants that you need!

What do you do best in life?
Best? I guess that would be fighting, its the one thing I learned how to do at a young age out of necessity.

Probably cooking. I wish I could, I always thought cooking a great meal would be awesome, especially when you travel alone a lot like I used to, but I suck at it. I always hate eating anything I have to cook myself. Hey, that’s another reason why I am traveling with these guys, they both cook a decent meal!

If someone was asked about you, what would be the first thing they would tell?
Hmm, it if was Stan, then it would probably be that I have a great body. If it was Kray, then it would probably be the fact that I can handle myself in a fight.

What do you want most from life?
Didn’t I tell you that in questions 4 and 5? I don’t want to be dependent on others, especially those that might sell you off instead of taking care of you…

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Well, I really hope it is in a large manor house that I own in a big city. If not, then at least still hanging out with these guys. I’d be sad if they died…and I’d have to find some other guys who could cook…


2 thoughts on “OSH: Character Interviews, Zev

  1. Hah, now I see where you got the idea for character interviews. *g*

    Actually I’ve seen a few folks doing those on blogs. Hm. Now that I put up that post on afterwords, I’m feeling like I have to do something fun at the end of Book 2. Ah, the pressure! 😉

    1. LOL I am going to hold you to that now! I eagerly await book two, so you better get on that, already read the chapter you posted and I can say that the interaction between your characters is just awesome.

      Have you ever thought about a map of the city or something? Maybe a map of a section of the city, or the pump tunnels? I happen to know this guy who does maps… 😉

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