The City of Braunstein

Nothing fancy to say. I have really been planning on detailing this city out, providing additional locations to give the place a feeling and atmosphere. As luck would have it, I have been extremely busy at work and minus some time to read (my second passion) I have had zero time to work on this. Rather than sit on it, I wanted to throw this up for people to see and use if they were so inclined.


8 thoughts on “The City of Braunstein

    1. I agree, sometimes I am conflict as to whether to flesh something out or just present “as is” and offer it up for everyone to play around with.

    1. Thanks! I think I actually messed up there in the middle, it is like a closed off section with only one entrance. Maybe it is an exclusive neighborhood!

  1. I think I could do something kick ass with that. I’m picturing a Mordheim-esque situation with a city at war with itself. The battle for control of those bridges would b epic.

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