Quick map


Just a quick map I worked up on my iPad tonight. I figure it had been quite a while since I had done much mapping, or posted any maps to the blog, probably should mess around and do one. Nothing too special here, just a quick mess around with my usual map tools, tossing in some water for good measure. I always thought water presented a particularly nasty obstacle in a dungeon.

Can you imagine coming across a pool of black water in a musty, dark dungeon? That would be terrible!


5 thoughts on “Quick map

  1. Even worse would be disturbing the giant tentacular monster that lives in the body of water joining both pools. Run from one pool and right into the tentacles coming out of the other.

    1. Ha! Very true, and totally sounds like something I would do in one of my games. Come to think of it, I do need a big climatic battle at the end of my next series of sessions, may haps a giant, tentacled leviathan?

    1. I used a few tools. For simple quick maps like this one, I typically draw it on my iPad using the ArtStudio app. This these there is no ‘post-production’, I draw them as is and post them here.
      For more elaborate, larger, or more stylized maps (see my X-Plorers ship plans for an example), I use Adobe Fireworks, sometimes, though rarely, I will port into Illustrator for a few things.

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