Book Review: Practical Demonkeeping

I picked up this book based on reviews of this book and the authors numerous other books, all receive decent ratings. This was another book I selected based on downloading a sample on the Amazon Kindle site, the opening chapters were good enough to encourage me the rest would be great.

This is a silly little book, witty humor and dialog throughout. The characters are all decently thought out and interesting, with numerous sidecast stories that provide depth and interest in their lives. The cast is fairly wide, with numerous persons playing important roles in the story and many are provided a chapter or so to introduce themselves. This is a good point because I believe he uses the town of Pine Cove in many of his other books, so fleshing out many of these other characters only adds to the depth and personality of his town.

The book is written well and pacing is good. My only hang up is the ending. It seemed a tad rushed and almost like the was fishing to get a collision of vortexes where everything came together. The ending did have a nice wrap up and even a funny ‘epilogue’ at the end that fleshed out a little bit more, in a very happy ending.

All in all, this is a fun and easy read, great for a lazy Saturday sitting by the pool. I will probably read another of his books.


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