X-plorers: Map preview part III

I started this maps literally weeks ago, got sidetracked with work, Old School Hack Week! (yes, the exclamation is mandatory), and reading a few books. Seeing as X-Plorers release is immanent I figured I better get off my ass and finish this one too.

I started this with an idea for a spaceship that looked sort of like a ship, like a plain old normal water going ship and how they are set up. Levels of storage with a small crew area on the top level. So I pulled out my iPad and went to work for a concept drawing, something I could then work from to get to a final design.

Looking at the image below, I started with the idea of a basic ship like you might see today. I went for something akin to a massive cargo freighter that sails the high seas, or one of those giant oil tankers. I tossed a few ideas down the left, then in the right bottom, i sort of hit on something. Something clicked for me. As you come up the page on the right side, you can see as I try a few ideas, refine them and arrive at a final concept. A sort of fat, non-aerodynamic boat looking thing. A little odd, but hey, I liked it.

So using that tiny little image in the top right, I went to work. I would estimate about four hours later (spread over the course of maybe four weeks) I finished up the image. Kudos go out to my buddies on Google Buzz who helped me with the name.

Without further delay, I give you the Mastadon!


4 thoughts on “X-plorers: Map preview part III

    1. Thank you very much bulette! I cannot wait to see these printed in the book. This will be my first published work in print form, so I am very eager.

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