The New Moon Murders (eBook Covers)

I recently have gotten into eBooks, reading about one a week now for about two months and something hopefully I can continue. While reading I have discovered a few new, great authors including a friend of mine. As he let me read his work, I asked his intentions and if he thought about a cover. He agreed to let me take a stab at it and I eagerly jumped in and came up with an idea. The story takes place in 1930s Chicago and is a mystery novel with some noir tendencies. I really enjoyed the book and hope he ends up publishing it. You can read part of it here: Chapter One & Chapter Two.

The first cover (see right) I made for him was reminiscent of some of the paperbacks I have seen and after only reading the first chapter. I finished it and presented it to Keith. He liked it. Silly newb author! That cover sucks! 😉

I headed to work. After a full day of thinking about it, I was not happy with the cover. So I went back in and started work on another cover. Finishing the second chapter I realized I had done the cover and it put an almost modern bent on the story. If you picked it up, you would be expecting a modern mystery, not the 1930s tale you were getting. That’s a terrible way for a new author to try to sell books! To me, nothing sells an old story as much as an old photograph. I went back to my friend Google and started looking for public domain photos from around the world taken during the early 1900s. Oh, and Keith had asked for snow. 😉

I managed to find an old photo in the public domain that could fit anywhere (not sure where it was actually taken), but it had the snow, and I LOVED the trees. I applied some filters to get a less photo look, tweaked some of the branches slightly and applied darkness liberally to the photo. I really like how this one came together, almost foretelling of something dark and bad. Keith seems to like it as well, so I am good with it.

This of course has got me thinking. I love to write (seem unable to really finish much, but hey, I try) but also there seems to be a fledging market for graphic artists that do covers.  I am currently working on two of my own short stories. Will they see the light of day? I hope so.

Here is a sneak peek at the cover I am working up for one of them. Not complete, but then again, neither is the story! Guess, I just like to plan ahead. 😉


One thought on “The New Moon Murders (eBook Covers)

  1. Love the second cover, would definitely entice me to try the book.

    And yes, there is definitely a need for good ebook covers. Whether or not self publishing authors will be prepared to pay for them is another matter unfortunately. The same attitude seems to pay for editing too.

    – Neil.

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