The Goblins’ Lair (Christian)

I like to copy my buddy Christian. I don’t know why but his blog inspires me. Most often this takes the form of me stealing an idea or outright emulation, but that is the highest form of flattery right? Either way, I read his post the other day in his series called “Iron Rations” and he posted a small map. Now, I love these small maps. They are perfect for my games but they also present a nice and short dungeon that conceivably you could finish in a single evening.

I also like Dyson’s blog. I like to copy him as well. You see where this is going?

He has been Dysonizing maps from modules and such. When I saw the map Christian posted I thought, “Damn! I can do better!” Sorry Christian! So I thought I would Sniklize the map. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Goblins’ Lair (Christian)

  1. Wow! Holy wow!

    That map is amazing !

    I am glad you are liking the series. I was a raving lunatic a few weeks back, so I’m just trying to chill and focus on content. I’m glad you are digging them. I agree in that short, sweet dungeons can be a lot of fun Get in, get out and move on to the next big thing.


    1. Thanks! The sad thing is this took me all of maybe 15 minutes on my iPad. Just like the dungeon, it was a short and sweet thing to throw together on Father’s Day. Anyway, glad you liked it, I am hoping to make more in the near future.

  2. I’m not always a big fan of “kill ’em all because they’re green!” so I tried to work in a few subtle details to justify some degree of slaughter. The abuse of the sheep and the severed human head would certainly justify some hack.

    It’d be interesting if the the PCs initially parleyed with the goblins, waited out the storm for a while THEN saw the head. By then, the PCs may have played some dice games withe goblins, exchanged a few crude jokes and so on.

    Then the prospect of violence gets a lot more tension filled. But in the end it’s all good. 🙂

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