Making Maps on Monday: Dwarven Fortress II

So I finally managed to steal some time to work on my large dwarven fort project. I did not get as far as I had hoped, but progress is progress right?

I wrote out what i plan each of the areas to be when this is complete, well, some of the areas anyway. Mt basic concept of this location has not really changed since I last tackled this. I managed to outline the fort’s main walls as well. Next up will be clean up and the background filler.


3 thoughts on “Making Maps on Monday: Dwarven Fortress II

    1. I am torn. I am not sure I want to flesh it out, I almost prefer leaving the maps solely as maps and fresh fodder for the GMs out there to flesh as they see fit. That said..
      When I started this project, I had the site clearly in my mind as a ruin. After your comment though, I think the dwarves will still be here, along with something else. Those darn dwarves, never know when to leave well enough alone.

  1. I always thought it would be cool to be a dwarf. You get to do something you love and after a few centuries you will have it perfected. Then, when you are dead and done, the things you made will still be around for a long, long time.

    Well, it’d be cool unless you unearthed a Balrog. Then things would suck. But probably not for long because you’d get killed and stuff.

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