Book Reviews

Here lately it seems that book reviews have become a major focus on my blog, a welcome addition imho. As such, I began thinking more about how I rate books I started thinking about my rating scheme and that I have been somewhat unorganized and inconsistent. Therefore, from this time onward, I will be using the SF Reviews rating system. Viewable here, this seems to have become somewhat of a standard on the web. I have gone back and changed the star rating of my reviews to reflect this system’s application.

Here are my thoughts on how I will rate all books in the future:

5 stars: A masterpiece.
Some of my favorite books of all time. An absolute must read. If you have not read this one, you are missing out.

4 stars: I very much enjoyed it.
I would highly recommend this book. I highly enjoyed the book and would certainly recommend it to another.

3 stars: I enjoyed it.
This is a good book, there were either issues with it or it proved to be slow read. Not necessarily a bad book but there are better choices out there.

2 stars: I didn’t enjoy it.
If you have previously read this author and enjoyed the experience or if this is the next step in a series, consider it readable. Unless you get it for a bargain, odds are you should skip it. There are better books to read.

1 star: Only a fool would enjoy it.
This book is a complete waste of time. Save your dough. Spend it on something else, anything else.

Any book in the four and five stars range I would consider a book worthy of being read. A three star is good if you love the author or genre. This doesn’t mean I did not like the book, just there are minor quibbles I have with the book and would have rather read something else. Two stars, I did not care for it, but you might. To each his own as it were. This usually translates to me having an issue with the book: the author’s voice, his/her style of writing, plot or story holes, or in general was just not enjoyable read.  One star books will probably be rare because I would prefer reading something enjoyable than continue to fight to finish a book that is a mess.

For those interested, my GoodReads reviews will match those posted here, so there is no need to duplicate your reading efforts.


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