[Risus] Lapsus Calumni #10!

After too long of a hiatus, I am very happy to report that I have found my mojo again!

Fellow Risus fan Brent Wolke has been kicking out some amazing “8 Page Settings” for Risus and he recently released his take on a fantasy setting. He then quickly followed that up with an excellent module in that setting. Talk about over achieving!

Inspired by his work and recently finishing the novel “Fuzzy Nation” I was inspired to try my hand at Risus again. Much to my surprise, it went well and more importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed the system. Spurred on by these events, I took a long lunch today and drew up a map for the blog, then decided I wanted to flesh it out much in the same way Brent had used.

I am still editing it up and should have this out later this week, but I have to say I really enjoyed making this one and hope to make many more!


7 thoughts on “[Risus] Lapsus Calumni #10!

    1. This one I totally blame on you. Reading LSoT completely got me moving on this, in fact, I stole your Goblin and Troblyn for it. This one doesn’t stray too far from what you have done, I think it could even fit into your AH&R setting.
      Hopefully you like it!

    1. It’s coming. Work has been killing me and I am easily distracted, hence LC10 coming out of nowhere. I need to restructure the Ardus document so that it makes sense instead of the wandering lazy text I have so far.

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