[Risus] Lapsus Calumni #10: The King’s Tomb


I finally have been inspired to pick up the quill again and completed another issue of Lapsus Calumni. This one even has the added benefit of an editor! Well ok, sort of, I let a couple of friends take a gander at it before I published it.

This one was completely inspired by Brent Wolke’s recent work on Risus settings and is an unabashed homage to those games we played as children back in the 80’s. So yeah, this is all his fault. In honor of him, I even stole some of his creature ‘stats’ for this module. Also, this just happens to be eight pages long. Go figure.

The moniker of “micro-dungeon” has recently begun to be floated about the net and it is perfect for this little dungeon. I much prefer these micro-dungeons to the earlier fad of mega-dungeons. They just present a nice little adventure with enough detail to spur a GM on, but leave enough open for him to customize a bit.

The intro blurb:

Generations ago, King Belgrun fell in love with a beautiful woman named Nadia. Time wore on and the couple proved fruitful, the kingdom prospered and grew wealthy. Thirty years into their union the Queen fell very ill and was expected to wither away in pain and die. In a show of his undying love for his Queen, the King ordered an impressive tomb built for them to share eternity.

When his Queen died, his lust for life faded and within two months the King had passed away. The tomb was sealed and guarded for the next sixty years. Eventually memory faded and the tomb went unprotected, soon bandits and grave robbers swarmed in and looted the place.

Your job? To clear the dungeon of the nasties that have taken the place up as a nice little vacation spot. So yeah, no complaining Christian, enter the dungeon, kill the things there, and steal their stuff. Original, I know.

This module is done up for Risus(!) but could easily be converted to any old school system within minutes for any GM to use in their favorite game system. If you happen to use this adventure, please let me know, I would love to hear about it. Below is a larger version of the map for those who love maps (click the map for a larger view).

Click here to download Lapsus Calumni #10: The King’s Tomb


6 thoughts on “[Risus] Lapsus Calumni #10: The King’s Tomb

  1. I hear my name?

    Here’s the thing – I like dungeons just fine, provided they are lazered and to the point. Your awesome tomb is great, because it’s the kind of thing that could be taken on and handled in a session or two. In this way, it can be integrated into the broader scope of the campaign without dominating play style. I’ve only ever chafed with dungeons when the campaign became about the dungeon to the exclusion of all other activities one might engage in.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    1. 🙂 I just had to mess with you for a bit. And actually, technically, in this case the heroes would be clearing out unwanted invaders of the tomb. So from a certain point of view, they are really helping the tomb’s inhabitants!

  2. This is quite the terrific adventure, and am happy to take the ‘blame’ for it, but surely no credit. You were quite right; a few tweaks and it could easily fit into AHR.

    1. Thanks! It was really weird that it ended up being eight pages, I really had no plan other than the map going in. As I went along writing this, things fell into place and suddenly I was at eight pages going “No way!”

  3. I really hope this is the start of something great where we get a lot of people producing quality settings and modules to help build the fan base.

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