[Geo] A simple geomorph


Playing around a little bit and drew this up in one shot.

I hate it. 🙂

But here you go, a geomorph.

I have to admit that I far more enjoy making the micro-dungeons than these geomorphs now. I think I like the ‘design’ aspect of the micro-dungeons. As I am making those I have an idea or character in mind to be placed there whereas when I am drawing a geomorph it tends to be more of a blank design that anyone could drop whatever in. Just seems to lack focus for me. Oh well, a geo for a lazy Sunday.


2 thoughts on “[Geo] A simple geomorph

  1. I agree that geomorphs are less exciting to draw than dungeons because they lack the focus, but instead you have to look at geomorphs as part of a larger whole while a dungeon is a self-contained item. One geomorph is merely 1% (or less) of the complete set.

    I draw geomorphs when I’m not sure what I want to draw. They remain one of the few times I actually use graph paper to draw a map. And no, I don’t enjoy drawing them nearly as much as dungeons, but they are useful. And I appreciate them as such.

    And your’s is pretty awesome, particularly the little bridge. That’s the kind of detail I can’t come close to providing when I draw mine, since each of mine is 2.5 inches on a side – I just can’t draw that level of detail without it getting all muddied and meddled up.

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