About Me

Seems some people care, so here goes.

I am almost 40. A father of two beautiful daughters and married to the most amazing woman ever. I have been a Soldier in the US Army for almost seventeen years now, currently a Sergeant First Class. I enjoy spending time with my kids (when they will spend time with me, darn teenagers), reading, gaming, writing, drawing and mapping.

I have the annoying demons of creativity inside me that demand I be creative. More than anything, this blog serves a place for me to publish most of the junk I create. Some people like it, some do not. Either way, I create because I must. At some point I hope to write for a living, or at least be able to publish something people enjoy reading. Until that time you will just have to put up with the doodads I post here.

Why the purple thing I use as an avatar? Well, it is silly. Silly is good.